GW2 Legendary Weapons Changes

With the latest Flame and Frost: Prelude update the Legendary Weapons got some visual effect changes. Continue reading

Kraitkin the Legendary Trident

  This is the first time that I’ve spotted an underwater legendary weapon. We would like to thank Monory for making it and sharing it with the GW2 community.

How to craft legendary greatsword Sunrise

GW2 player Nodocify @ reddit has decided to put together a visual guide how to craft a legendary greatsword Sunrise. On the image below you can find all necessary mats to create the legendary greatsword.  

Guild Wars 2 PvP Conqueror Achievements

PvP Conqueror is a part of regular achievements which are non-repeatable, long-term objectives, earned by PvP kills, winning PvP matches and using supplies in WvW. Name Acquisition Slayer Win Nothing but corpses in your wake. Tier 1 – Kills in … Continue reading