Ranger Pets Guide

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Boar Ranger Pet

This boar is a tough, strong fighter with wicked tusks. It’s difficult for foes to stay on their feet against his charges. Though polite society may not appreciate his charms, a boar can be a ranger’s best friend.   Boar … Continue reading

Siamoth Ranger Pet

Though it may look bizarre, this tapir is a good-nature creature and an amiable companion. Its unassuming appearance hides ferocious side, though, and siamoths are known for sending their opponents flying with a well-placed charge.   Siamoth attributes (lvl 80) … Continue reading

Mystic Forge and Mystic Vendor in Guild Wars 2

During the second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend I came across a special place – Mystic Forge. It’s located in the Lion’s Arch – Mystic Plaza.   Guild Wars 2 Developers described it as a strange forge that actually holds … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Mini Pets

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