Guild Wars 2 Developers Answered your questions on Reddit

Mike O’Brien, the President of ArenaNet, with ArenaNet designers and developers are answering your questions about the game and the upcoming beta event in the next three hours. Here’s who will be participating: Mike O’Brien – President/Founder – MO Chris … Continue reading

GW1 points of interest fit on GW2 map

The reddit member that_shaman decided to compare the maps of GW1 and GW2. He placed a fully explored map of GW1 on top of the GW2 beta map and marked all towns, outposts, missions, dungeons and some random points of … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 closed beta starts on 16th December

ArenaNet system designer, Jon Peters, announced via Reddit that Guild Wars 2 will officially enter closed beta testing on Friday, 16th December. We will officially enter Closed Beta Testing this Friday. It will be marked with an increase in our … Continue reading