Answer riddles posed by Raven’s statues

Event/POI Name: Answer riddles posed by Raven’s statues
Event/POI Type: Event – Destination or point of interest
Event/POI Zone: Wayfarer Foothills
Notes: You need to approach Revan statues and they will pose different questions to be answered. With each answer you come closer to completing this World Event and unlocking a special vendor. Here are the questions and their answers:

Consume me and you will choke, but within me is the key to life and growth. What am I?
– You are earth.

I can be found on a mountain, yet you can hold me in your hand or walk over me. I will outlive you. Name me.
– You are a rock.

I come for all who grow, crawl, and walk. I am the perfect hunter. In the end, I am the victor. What is my name?
– You are death.

I erode rock, break bodies, and consume cities. Yet, I am necessary for survival. What am I?
– You are water.

I feast on air, but drink no water. I have no eyes of my own, but without me, you are blind. What am I?
– You are fire.

I move without legs. I push without arms. I speak without words. I howl without a mouth. What am I?
– You are wind.

You can burn me, build a home from me, and carve me. There are countless ways to use me. Tell me my name.
– You are wood.

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map of Wayfarer Foothills

Jumping Puzzles
Shaman’s Rookery
Region: Shiverpeak Mountains | Level: 1-15 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Heart of the Raven Issormir’s Body skill challenge Vista Honor the Spirit of Raven Grawlenfjord waypoint
Heart of the Bear Skill Challenge: Defeat Bear Shaman Marga Vista Honor the Spirit of Bear Horncall Waypoint
Hostra’s Refuge Bane the Insane Skill Challenge Vista Disrupt Grawl worship Hero’s Moot Waypoint
Heart of the Snow Leopard Burrisson the Blue Skill Challenge Vista Honor the spirit of Snow Leopard Outcasts Waypoint
Heart of the wolf Corrupted Spike Vista Assist Grimarr Molesmasher Osenfold Waypoint
Hirbadd’s Camp Aging Ale Barrels Vista Honor the Spirit of wolf Talgan Waypoint
Haivoissen Kenning Ancient Cave Spring Vista Help Bjarni honor the Hare spirit Darkriven Waypoint
Gaerta’s Summot Bjord’s Banner Vista Entertain and protect the children Zelwchor Hot Springs Waypoint
Frostcreek Steading   Vista Help Albin Chronicler trade with the Jotun tribe Twinspur Haven Waypoint
Victor’s Point   Vista Help the Lionguard protect the road through the Icesteppes . Halvaunt Waypoint
Hermit’s Watch     Help the miners in their search for ore by fighting the the dredge . Vendrake’s Homestead Waypoint
Drakkerjorg Pit     Fight the ice dragon’s corruption . Krennak’s Homestead Waypoint
Alpenzure cave     Help Lodge Keeper Kevach . Lostvyrm Cave Waypoint
Heart of Corruption     Help Maxtar Rapidstep capture dolyaks . Dolyak Pass Waypoint
Edenvar’s Homestead     Challenge the minions of Jormag , the ice dragon . Solitude Waypoint
The Frozen Maw     Help the Lionguard at Crossroads Haven . Dawnrise Waypoint
Kevach’s Homestead       Crossroads Haven Waypoint
Warmspring Grotto        
Dragonblest Hold        
Rugnars Steading        
Event – Destination or point of interest Event – Location of a fight Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – NPC that collects event item Event – Boss enemy
Answer riddles posed by Raven’s statues Drive the stampeding Minotaur from Borealis Forest Defend the Bear shrine from the Sons of Svanir Bring foul-smelling underwater plants to Lunt Kill the jotun leader, Naddoddur
  Stop the enraged jotun from crushing the Bear shrine Protect Lunt’s fire from the dredge Steal food from the grawl and bring it to Kani Kill the enraged winged horror
  Kill the grawl shamans animating the elementals threatening the lodge . Defend Kani’s stolen food from the grawl attack Collect fur sample for Linnea [Group Event] Kill the Son of Svanir and his corrupted wolf pack .
  Gain snow leopard’s form from Shaman Siggar , then hunt down the dredge. Protect Shaman Velja while she recovers the kidnapped snow leopard cubs from the dredge Collect dolyak meat to Gareth [Group Event] Kill the Svanir shaman chief to break his control over the ice elemental .
  Destroy the turrets surrounding the dredge’s construction zone Protect the norn while they search for the dredge leader Defend miners and bring ore they mine to Foreman Agvior . Join Osborn as he hunts a giant frost wurm .
  Kill the bears rampaging around Victor’s point Protect Linneawhile she chases the jackalope Collect armor scraps and bring them to Rani so he can build a snowman army to scare the grawl . [Group Event] Kill the corrupted leader of the Sons of Svanir .
  Destroy the dragon totem . Protect Linnea as she hunts for the yetl Gather wurm eggs from the cave and bring them to Aldis .  
  Defeat the Svanir shamans spreading the dragon’s corruption . Protect Foreman Agvior while he rewires the drilling machine .    
  Defeat the shaman’s elite guard . Protect Scholar Brogun as he investigates the grawl tribe .    
    Defend Kevach’s lodge from attacking wurms .    
    Help Reztiff Sunderfoe capture the east tower .    
    Help Shaska Kaldmorn take the west tower .    
    Escort Talon Killpeace’s caravan to Crossroads Haven .    
Event – Object to be destroyed/operated Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture Guild Trek    
Stop the grawl from stealing drake eggs [Group Event] Capture the center of the Svanir Dome . Moleberia Prison    
Destroy the corrupted portals summoning creatures from the mists .   Osenfold Counterweights    

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