Assist the Iron Legion fighting ghosts

Event/POI Name: Assist the Iron Legion fighting ghosts
Event/POI Type: Renown Heart
Event/POI Zone: Diessa Plateau
Notes: Help soldiers cull ghosts , light torches , and revive fallen allies.

After completing the Heart , you can buy the following items from the NPC :
1-Blood Legion Shard
2-Blooed Legion Shard
3-Mine Pin
4-Mine Pin
5-Oldgate Heavy Boots
6-Oldgate Breastplate
7-Oldgate Gauntlets
8-Oldgate Heavy Helm
9-Oldgate Heavy Leggings
10-Oldgate Pauldrons
11-Oldgate Cloth Shoes
12-Oldgate Garb
13-Oldgate Gloves
14-Oldgate Cloth Helm
15-Oldgate Cloth Leggings
16-Oldgate Mantle
17-Oldgate Leather Boots
18-Oldgate Leather Coat
19-Oldgate Leather Gloves
20-Oldgate Leather Mask
21-Oldgate Leather Leggings
22-Oldgate Shoulderpads
23-Oldgate Heavy Boots
24-Oldgate Breastplate
25-Oldgate Gauntlets
26-Oldgate Heavy Helm
27-Oldgate Heavy Leggings
28-Oldgate Pauldrons
29-Oldgate Cloth Shoes
30-Oldgate Garb
31-Oldgate Gloves
31-Oldgate Cloth Helm
32-Oldgate Cloth Leggings
33-Oldgate Mantle
34-Oldgate Leather Boots
35-Oldgate Coat
36-Oldgate Leather Boots
37-Oldgate Leather Mask
38-Oldgate Leather Leggings
39-Oldgate Shoulderpads
40-Crude Salvage Kit.

Image Walkthrough:
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Region: Ascalon | Level: 15-25 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Burntfur’s Pool Warning : Bogfang the Skale Vista Help Raintimber Mill Breachwater Waypoint
Raintimber Mill Remains of the Northern Wall Vista Assist the Ash Legion Nemus Grove Waypoint
Old Holtimm Abbey Rancher-in-Training Poisonswill Vista Assist Bloodsaw Mill workers Sanctum Waypoint
Camp Althea Veruta Beefhawker Vista Protect Redreave Mill from Separatists . Incendio Waypoint
Stonefall Estate Ascalonian Aqueduct Vista Help Rak Deathmane maintain Stonefall Estate . Font of Rhand Waypoint
Ebonshore Plant Roj the Rowdy Butcher Vista Assist Stout Darkmind Blackblade Waypoint
Ritual Isle Shaman Purda Vista Help the Blood Legion combat ghost siege weapons . Bloodsaw Mill Waypoint
Grendich Ruins Sharptail’s Nest Vista Help Kastaz Strongpaw maintain his garden . Redreave Mill Waypoint
Old Grendich Aqueduct   Vista Help the Ash Legion take out Separatists . Breached Wall Waypoint
Moorwatch Tower   Vista Assist the Blood Legion . Dawnright Estate Waypoint
Caravan Wreckage     Assist the Iron Legion fighting ghosts . Manbane’s Waypoint
Phasma Castrum     Help Charradis Estate Ranchers attend to cattle . Blasted Moors Waypoint
Dunrock Gulch     Assist Lakor Grizzlemouth in keeping Meatoberfest running smoothly . Nageling Waypoint
Silex Castrum     Assist the Iron Legion . Nolan Waypoint
Bovarin Estate     Assist the Quarry Workers . Oldgate Waypoint
Butcher’s Yard       Charradis Estate Waypoint
North Nolan Hatchery       Butcher’s Block Waypoint
        Charrgate Haven Waypoint
        Bloodcliff Waypoint
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture Event – Location of a brawl Event – NPC that collects event item Event – Location of a fight
Defend the engineers repairing Raintimber Bridge . Prevent the Flame Legion from retaking Incendio Templum . Defeat Hazarar Razenight Recover the scattered pieces of scrap metal for Savor Foulnight . Destroy the Human Separatists trebuchets outside the mill .
Defend Faint Ghostnight as he searches for a new devourer egg . Defend Bloodsaw Mill from the Flame Legion. Defeat Azalus Poisontongue . Help Karris Quickcalm hunt for wurm eggs inside Wurm’s Gullet . Put on a cow disguise and demonstrate techniques to the cows.
Help the Night warband reach Incendio Templum .     Retrieve the stolen mining equipment . Stop the dredge from stealing equipment and returning it to their personnel transports .
Drive off the Separatists stealing cattle .       Prevent the dredge from constructing a barricade .
Defend Mad Mardine’s cows from harpies while he tests his invention .       Drive the dredge from Bloodcliff Quarry .
Protect the caravan from separatists .        
Defend Rhell Crankmane while he sets up his ghost control machines .        
Help Kiboz Rapideater herd cattle to Butcher’s Block .        
Protect the fireworks launchers from Separatists .        
Event – Boss enemy Guild Bounty Guild Trek    
[Group Event] Defeat the giant assaulting the Town of Nageling . Short-Fuse Felix Anyas Patch    
[Group Event] Defeat the plains wurm before Karris Quickcalm must return to Butcher’s Block . Short-Fuse Felix      

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