Break the ooze projection and slay oozes to fill the PR&T ooze sludge reservoir

Event/POI Name: Break the ooze projection and slay oozes to fill the PR&T ooze sludge reservoir
Event/POI Type: Event – Boss enemy
Event/POI Zone: Metrica Province
Image Walkthrough:
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map of Metrica Province

Jumping Puzzles
Goemm’s Lab
Region: Maguuma Jungle | Level: 1-15 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Terranexic Llab Defeat Utcua Vista Support Doola’s Golemancing research Soren Draa Waypoint
Incenirgen Labs Skill Challenge Defeat Master Genius Jettz and his assistants. Vista Assist Professor Gahf in teaching his young progeny Hydrone Unit Waypoint
Battleground Plaza Skill Challenge: Defeat Golemancer Gitt and his prototype golems Vista Assist the Opticalium with lightning research Jeztar Falls Waypoint
Splorge Metaphysics Lab Oola Skill Challange Vista Help Blopp stop the Inquest from using hylek poison to drive lake creatures crazy Loch Waypoint
The Opticalium Cuatle Health Goo Vista Use Researcher Kaii’s SCRAP-Suit to help him manage Incomp’s scrap heap Akk Wilds Waypoint
Aquannian Research Group Skill Challenge Defeat the ancient ember and its minions Vista Assist PR&T Esoterics with ooze research Old Golem Factory Waypoint
Aeronautics lab Skill Challenge Defeat Black Ice 4444 Vista Help Brill Alliance study the skritt Michotl Grounds Waypoint
Durotl Grounds Luminates Plant Skill Challenge Vista Help Hrouda maintain the ecosystem in spite of Dr. Bleent’s research Arterium Haven Waypoint
Dr. Bleent’s encampment   Vista Assist Parnna’s research into the ancient transfer chamber Survivor’s Encampment Waypoint
Parnna’s Gate     Help Shoon’s salvage krewe deal with Inquest Artegon Waypoint
Conduit tower Bligg     Help the Michotl tribe Rana Landing Complex Waypoint
Brill Alliance Labs     Help the Lionguard keep the Cuatl hylek in check Desider Atum Waypoint
Old Oola Lab     Assist the Chaos krewe Anthill Waypoint
Old Flamen Lab     Help the C.L.E.A.N. krewe Muridian Waypoint
Transfer gate (Private)     Help the Luminates plant krewe maintain the power grid Hexane Regrade Waypoint
Inner Inquest Complex     Help Peacemaker Owta disrupt the Inquest complex Cautl Waypoint
Conduit Tower Nopp        
Conduit Tower Scoln        
C.L.E.A.N. Station        
Incomp Optics        
Transformer Hub Kachong        
PR&T Esoterics        
Biocauldron Alchemics        
Event – Location of a fight Event – Location of a brawl Event – Destination or point of interest Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy
Prevent Inquest thieves from stealing boxes of golem parts and fleeing Soran Draa Help Peacemakers weaken the malfunctioning PM-900a golems Help Keela unmask the cheats trying to gather data at the chess tables before they escape Investigate Inquest activity in the Golemagical Institute Destroy the experimental Inquest golem
Destroy the beacons powering the Inquest agqua lab Return the toxic oozes to the storage tanks inside PR&T Esoterics Use a sizemachanger rifle to return the tiny progeries to their normal size without making mosquito monsters Defend the etheropods while Bluz harvests breeze rider eyes Defeat the air elemental assaulting the Opticalium krewe
Save Parnna from the guardian golems Recover the stolen LUM0009 golems from the Inquest   Defend the RCK – 7550 golem as it stores energy Break the ooze projection and slay oozes to fill the PR&T ooze sludge reservoir
Destroy the cage control nodes to free the salvage specialists     Defend Yerkk while he isolates skritt for his IQ experiments Defeat Chief Cipactli to free Fixx and pacify the hylek
Destroy the Inquest research pods     Help Parnna get her matrix crystal converter back from the skritt leader Tuscratchtak Group Event: Defeat the giant ooze at Doctor Bleent’s camp
Drive the skritt from Brill Alliance lab     Stop the krait from destroying hylek eggs Destroy the Inquest’s Golems
Destroy the hylek village and help the Lionguard recover their stolen supplies     Escort Caracotl to Michotl Grounds Defeat the Hylek chieftain
Destroy the chaotic materials created by the reactor meltdown     Kill the Cuatle thieves Kill the Chaos creature
Intercept the inquest saboteurs before they reach the power station     Defend the supplies in Arterium Haven from hylek Kill the air elemental that surged out of power grid
      Escort Rikkiti as she brings a message to the Lionguard assault force Destroy the Ice Monster
      Drive off the Inquest at Survivor’s Encsmpment Group Event Destroy the fire elemental created from chaotic energy fusing with the C.L.E.A.N. 5000s energy core.
      Help Quabb make it out of the Serpentwind with his research Destroy the misplaced poison creature
      Escort Rikkiti as she brings a message to the Lionguard assault force  
      Escort the C.L.E.A.N. 5000 golem while it absorbs clouds of chaos magic  
      Protect Orl’s research krewe  
Event – NPC that collects event item Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture      
Help Chott collect opals for a prototype golem weapon Drive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium Lab      
Help ploint collect raptor eggs for his experiment        
Collect golem parts for Wallas H.A.Z.M.A.T. suits        

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