Cold-Weather Friend Achievement Guide

Cold-Weather Friend Achievement can be completed by building snowmen. Magic Snows are found throughout cities during Wintersday 2012. You can interact with them with the Build Magic Snowman action, which will summon a snowman and spawn 5 Snowballs. Creating snowmen will progress the Colder-Weather Friend achievement. The magic snow can be interacted with again after a period of time and are reset on a per-character basis. In the list below you can find all locations with screenshots.
In the list below you can find all locations grouped by the Zones:


Kryta Magic Snow Locations for Cold-Weather Friend Achievement

Zone Area Notes
Divinity’s Reach Dwayana High Road Ministers Waypoint, near Dwayna statue
Divinity’s Reach Plaza of Grenth Grenth Waypoint, near Grenth statue
Divinity’s Reach The Great Collapse North-west from Collapse Waypoint
Queensdale Village of Shaeoor near the bridge
Queensdale Township of Claypool near the Waypoint
Queensdale Shire of Beetletun at the south entrance next to the Renown Heart.
Kessex Hills Fort Salma near the Waypoint
Kessex Hills Wizard’s Fief at the north entrance
Kessex Hills Viathan Lake Ireko Tradecamp Waypoint, between trade tents
Lion’s Arch Southern portion of Grand Piazza near Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint
Lion’s Arch Northern portion of Trader’s Forum near the bridge
Lion’s Arch Trader’s Forum East of Black Lion Trading Company HQ
Harathi Hinterlands Wildspine Hills South of Grey Gritta’s Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Wynchona Woods Southeast of Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Greystone Rise Northwest of Seraph’s Landing Waypoint


Maguuma Jungle Magic Snow Locations for Cold-Weather Friend Achievement

Rata Sum College of Synergetics south-east corner of Surface level, Metrical Court Waypoint
Rata Sum Rata Sum Port Authority Port Waypoint, near vista
Rata Sum Static Union east of Underground level, near Polymock Atrium point of interest
Metrica Province Soren Draa east from waypoint
Metrica Province Desider Atum near the Tailoring Station
Metrica Province Luminates Plant east from Conduit Tower Blig, at the entrance of garrison
The Grove Upper Commons Center of Surface level, near the waypoint
The Grove Scolar’s Terrace South of Underground level, west from Starbower Nursery
The Grove Garden of Dawn North of Depth level, west from The House of Aife point of interest
Caledon Forest Village of Astorea near the trading post
Caledon Forest Mabon Market near the waypoint
Caledon Forest Sandycove Beach south-west from Bay Haven point of interest


Ascalon Magic Snow Locations for Cold-Weather Friend Achievement

Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant west from Memorial Waypoint
Black Citadel Mustering Ground South-west of Waypoint
Black Citadel Perimeter Loop South from Storm Caller Triumph Point of Interest, west from Junker’s Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Ashford Forum north-west from Ashform Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Village of Smokestead South from Smokestead waypoint, near the trading post
Plains of Ashford Charr’s Triumph north from Temperus Point Waypoint
Diessa Plateau Town of Nolan West of Nolan Waypoint


Shiverpeak Mountains Magic Snow Locations for Cold-Weather Friend Achievement

Hoelbrak Might and Main North-West from the waypoint
Hoelbrak Frost Basin In front of Old Fiach’s Lorestead
Hoelbrak Lake Mourn On the far western side of the lake
Wayfarer Foothills Snowlord’s Gate North from Horncall Waypoint
Wayfarer Foothills The Shadowhorns At Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint


Source: GW2 Wiki

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