Obsidian Sanctum Jumping Puzzle

Key Facts:
  • Name: Obsidian Sanctum
  • Location map: Eternal Battlegrounds
  • Achievement type: Explorer
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Traps
  • Duration: 45-90 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Hard
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

This is the hardest and the most rewarding puzzle we came across in the game so far. Things that make it so hard:

  • Time it takes to be completed (minimum 30 minutes (if you are VERY lucky). It usualy takes 45-90 minutes on average if you are even in the position to finish the puzzle at all)
  • The possibility of all players from all three servers doing the very same puzzle (this is an unconfirmed rumor though) will put you in the position to possibily fight other players while doing an otherwise hard puzzle
  • Large number of different traps that can be controlled by other players and therefore become an insurmountable obstacle for less experienced players
  • Difficult jumps (if you do not have a speed boost skill)
  • If you leave the game at any point while doing the puzzle you will be booted out of the puzzle area and you will have to do it all over again (so you have to stay in game for those 45-90 minutes it takes to do the puzzle)


Things that make it the most rewarding puzzle of them all – great loot! You will get Gear, Siege blueprints, honor badges and more.
Due to the length of the puzzle we will separate the guide into three parts:

  1. Before the Dark Room
  2. The Dark Room
  3. After the Dark Room



South-East Keep Entrance Location

South-West Keep Entrance Location

North Keep Entrance Location


Guide through the puzzle – Before the Dark Room

Here are the distinctive features of this part:
a) the longest portion of the puzzle (this part of the puzzle takes the longest to complete out of the three above mentioned)
b) It contains the largest number of manual traps. At the end of this puzzle there is a platform that holds the trap controls. If there is a “troll” player there he will activate the traps manually to make your life so much harder. The only way to avoid this is to find the “Weal spots” of the traps themselves. For example; spike traps have a small space inside them that make you avoid damage from that spike trap, if you stand inside that space. Falling logs have blind spots as well (and several seconds of cooldown as well). It is the “trolls” that make this part so hard in the first place.
c) You pay gravely for your mistakes. If you fail you can be teleported to the beginning of the puzzle, die, get stuck or simply get lost in the vast space.
d) Medium jump difficulty. Some jumps require some focus, becuase you do not have a lot of space for manuvering, but otherwise they are doable.

Guide through the puzzle – The Dark Room

Distinctive features of this part are:
a) You have to use the torch to be able to see anything in the Dark Room (lighting effects are amazing looking though)
b) This is the shortest part
c) Harder jumps that require you to jump longer distances (that are made more easy with speed boosts – if you have them)
d) Automatic traps. There are 3 stone statues in a row, whose fire breath can knock you off the platform. Simple dodge/roll will save you from these.

Guide through the puzzle – After the Dark Room

Defining features of this part are:
a) The first room after the dark room makes you jump across chandeliers and small rock platforms extruding from the walls. This is almost an unreasonably difficult jumping section due to the fact that certain parts will require a lot of skill and percision for succesful jumps. If you did not have a nervous breakdown so far, you will now.
b) Manual traps. Taking into consideration that this is the last part of the puzzle, any mistake is almost “soul-crushing”. Luckily, not a lot of people decide to troll the other players here by using the manual traps to kill you, but than again – you never know what trolls will do.
c) Enormose Mistwrought Chest. The pure volume of rewards you get at the end of this hard, yet amazing puzzle should be reason enough to revisit this puzzle over and ove again.

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  1. btw there is a fountain that will make you invisible so that other players can’t see you a little ways up after the first room in the part after the dark room… it helped me to get away from enemies chasing me and waiting for me at the top

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