Defeat the dredge commissar

Event/POI Name: Defeat the dredge commissar
Event/POI Type: Event – Boss enemy
Event/POI Zone: Frostgorge Sound
Image Walkthrough:
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map of Frostgorge Sound

Jumping Puzzles
Shattered Ice Ruins
Region: Shiverpeak Mountains | Level: 70-80 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Elder’s Vale Miner Voss Vista Help Pact Explorer Erikk battle the Dragon Tribe grawl . Earthshake Waypoint
Safewatch Vale Flowing Ice Vista Help Pact Crusader D’Stolt fight the Sons of Svanir . Arundon Waypoint
Offering Stone Talooboo Vista Help Infinite Mind rally the forces of Blue Ice Station . Highpeaks Waypoint
Coiled Watch Frost Portal Vista Assist Rebel Isaak in sowing the seeds of dredge revolution . Skyheight Steading Waypoint
The Barrowstead Eulda Soulseer Vista Learn the way of the kodan . Groznev Waypoint
Claw Watch Glacial Trench Vista Help Qualdup train Orsippus trainees for the Quaggan Games . Blue Ice Shining Waypoint
Blue Ice Station Shaman Okamuk Vista Help Bladed Softness maintain Deep and Troubled Waters . Twoloop Waypoint
Krok’s Ruin   Vista Help Worthy Burden defeat icebrood in Drakkar Spurs . Dimotiki Waypoint
The Sonic Furnace     Help Tactician Sebastian against the Sons of Svanir . Ridgerock Camp Waypoint
Forgepits     Help Shifting Waves protect the kodan at Path of Starry Skies . Ice Floe Waypoint
Zuckermaloo     Help Scholar Inka research imps . Drakkar Waypoint
Peloopoo Needle       Watchful Waypoint
Orsippus       Slough of Despond Waypoint
Iron Horse Mines       Yak’s Bend Waypoint
Arkor’s Tomb       Path of Starry Skies Waypoint
Deep and Troubled Waters .       Honor of the Waves Waypoint
Ridgepost Sentry        
Sacred Trust        
Firesnake’s Tail        
Event – Location of a fight Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a brawl
Destroy the dragon crystal at the Pact flak cannons . Drive the Sons of Svanir from Coiled Watch . Defend Blue Ice Station from the dredge . Defeat the dredge artillery general . Assist Aloogwa with combat training .
Destroy the dragon crystal near the Pact siege wall . Assist the dredge rebels by defending their personnel carriers . Defend Coiled Watch Defeat the dredge commissar .  
Destroy the dragon crystal on the road to Slough of Despond . Destroy the dredge mining camp .   Stop the dredge disaggregation general .  
Stop the dredge bombardment . Help the Moshpoipoi village guards defend against icebrood .   Stop the dredge excavation general .  
Rescue the quaggan from the Sons of Svanir . Help kodan castaways reach Slough of Despond .   Defeat the icebrood fish .  
Keep dredge away from the ice bridge repair site . Help Kazk transport supplies from Yak’s Bend to Ridgerock Camp .   [Group Event] Defeat the Claw of Jormag .  
Clear the Quaggan Games competition grounds of hostile creatures . Help Depthless Sea reduce the icebrood presence in Snow Climb .      
Clear the icebrood from Deep and Troubled Waters .        
Break the dredge siege at Slough of Despond .        
Help Depthless Sea defeat the icebrood kodan .        
Event – NPC that collects event item Guild Bounty Guild Trek    
Help Orsippus Champion Squilp gain the buoyancy to race effectively . Devious Teesa Broodmother Falls    
Recover supplies stolen by the grawl and return them to Thraeingr .   Corruption’s Teeth    

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