Developer Corner: Colin Johanson on Tournaments

Colin Johanson, ArenaNet’s Game Director, posted on the forums today an update on the current situation with Tournaments:

Blog post is still coming, just has been pushed out about a week, it is written and sitting in locs hands!
We found some major issues with the tournament backbone we’ve spent the last couple of weeks focused on making sure it’s 100% right before we start expanding any other functionality. We’d hate to for example start doing say…tournaments with more meaning, and suddenly have you not get rewarded, not matched up properly, etc.
We’ve almost got all that stuff ironed out, soon as we do we’ll follow up with blog posts about our plan for PvP/E-sports in the coming months.
Thanks for your patience folks and sorry for the misquote on timing. we were under the impression that stuff would get up earlier and wanted to wait until we were 100% sure we knew how it’d work after addressing the issues we found before talking about it.
Thanks everyone! Once new features start turning on, you should see them, and our E-sports support growing on a pretty rapid basis. Our goal is to be faster than the timelines of other major recent esports games like LoL after they launched in the rate at which we roll out competitive features and make sure we’ve got all the major pieces needed for long term success up and running. We know it’s very important to you, and it’s very important to us to grow and build that competitive gaming community.

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