Developer Corner: Robert Hrouda on the CoF Changes

I built this dungeon – Citadel of Flame, and fixed the problem, so I’m going to come at you from the designer perspective on things to try and illuminate why I did what I did, and what exactly I did. It wasn’t made clear, and I apologize for that.
The main thing I am seeing, is that people are upset that I took away their super profitable low risk, fast, token grind. I did not go into this thinking everyone would be happy with my changes – I knew I would be upsetting people because I was taking away a super easy speed-run money printer. I took it away for a few reasons – chief among them being what I feel is taking advantage of a couple bugs found in the same chain, and our leashing/aggro system. I played with groups who did this, and watched you-tube clips of what was going on. The problems I identified with the speed run aspect of this are as follows:

1. You just need 1 person to get to the magmacyte across the magma field. This will cause an invulnerable Magg to run across the entire field through mobs and progress the dungeon. Then this person teleports back.
2. Instead of fighting the enemies in a timed event at he door buster, you just circle strafe them or leash aggro them to “kill the clock” since it was only a 100 second timer on the event.
3. Final Boss encounter isn’t threatening.
So what did I do?
1. I made it so that Magg has to get to the other side of the Magma field and close to the magmacyte – not just a player. Magg not taking aggro from nearby enemies was a big reason for this issue to be resolved. By giving him aggro, and forcing you to escort him to the ending, I fixed what I considered to be a bug/exploit that I introduced through poor planning.
2. I extended the time from 100 seconds to 200 seconds at the Door Buster event. I intended for you to fight those guys, not circle strafe them and aggro leash chain them. I also added 1 additional mob to the encounter at the very middle (a bow dude) to account for you now having twice the time to defeat the waves that come in.
3. I made the fireballs hurt more. Not greatly more – they’ll do about 3-4k damage to a DPS focused player, but you should have anywhere between 15k-25k HP, so there’s a bit of wiggle room for error.
I made this path hard, because it was easy. It’s an explorable dungeon path, and they should be hard. Wearing the flame legion armor set should be a symbol of what you went through to obtain something. It should mean something. Right now it means you did 40 speedruns in 2 days.
I hope this helps a bit, but I understand you’re upset. For all it’s worth I’m sorry, and I hope we can move past this.

2 thoughts on “Developer Corner: Robert Hrouda on the CoF Changes

  1. Fixing exploits is one thing but so far having tried quite a few explorer modes i find that there is no scaling at all,. In most 2 hits and your dead. Ive played many MMOs and there are normally easier and harder dungeons, everything ive tried so far is just ninja. How do you progress to better armor if everything is equally as hard? It wasnt so much exploited, all runs had many deaths, it was achievable!

    I would suggest u tone down the damage the various npcs throw out as the interesting mechanics/puzzles are being lost to most as the normal damage wipes us out.

    PS having played many MMOs i havnt given up yet but most of my 300 person guild has along with most PUGS I come across. Surely you can see how many are in instances and see there is a problem/lack of take up?

  2. Mate,

    U havent fixed anything

    The run can still be done in 16 mins and is seriously buggy

    Your kiting event dont mean anything cause we dont even have to do it at all to get to final boss

    And maggs running across the lava is just ezy mode bugged to the max

    I hope u finally get around to fixing dungeons to be hard but reward more than a few crappy tokens

    Anyway i thank u for the game and i wish u the best in fixing it


    Loyal GWs to the max 🙂

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