Din al-Jindi

Event/POI Name:Din al-Jindi
Event/POI Type:Point of Interest
Event/POI Zone:Straits of Devastation
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map of Straits of Devastation

Jumping Puzzles
Vizier’s Tower
Region: Ruins of Orr | Level: 70-75 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaWaypointEvent – Location of a fight
The UnderbellyPriory MagisterVistaBramble Pass WaypointClear the Pact field hospital of Risen .
Oceanside OrdnanceBookVistaSignal Peak WaypointClear the undead from Razorslide Bivouac .
Stentor CannonadeSunken ShipVistaUnderbelly WaypointDestroy the Risen anti-aircraft gun so Nallandra can signal her team to land .
Razorslide BivouacStatue of DwaynaVistaPlinth Timberland WaypointHelp the Pact team and clear the graveyard of the Risen .
Armada HarborLost ConservatoryVistaThorn Pass WaypointProtect the Pact choppers from the Risen anti-air cannons .
Alseta GeneratorStatue of MelandruVistaFort Trinity Waypoint[Group Event] Defeat the Risen and free Agent Raia from her broken battlesuit .
Thunderhead BatteryVigil Tactician Thunderhead Waypoint 
Cadrigan’s JettyGrenth’s Graveyard Broken Spit Waypoint 
Compass BridgeAncient Sentry of Balthazar Statue . Waywarde Waypoint 
Izz-al-Din SarayiVeteran Risen Spectral Guard Xenarius Waypoint 
Broken SpitStatue of Balthazar Conquest Marina Waypoint 
The Vizier’s TowerStatue of Lyssa Vesper Bell Waypoint 
Lone Post  Royal Forum Waypoint 
Lasciate Gateway  Brassclaw Waypoint 
Conservatory  Rally Waypoint 
Conquest Marina  Tughra Waypoint 
The Vesper Bell  Sentry Waypoint 
Stygian Deeps  Glorious Victory Waypoint 
The Royal Forum  Lone Post Waypoint 
Plaza of the Lost Wisdom  Dire Shoal Waypoint 
Brassburn Torch    
Brassclaw Landing    
Snipe Hill    
Pact Rally Point    
Straits of Devastation    
Chapel of Lady Glaive    
Din al-Jindi    
Altar of Betrayal    
Monastery of Tughra    
Caer Aval    
Event – Boss enemyEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Location/NPC to protect or captureGuild Trek 
[Group Event] Kill the Risen megalodon menacing explorers between Fort Trinity and Orr .Escort the supplies to Siegemaster Denbi .Defend the Lone Post from the Risen hordes .Drowned Plaza 
Kill the Risen acolyte leader attempting to perform an unholy ritual .Protect Scholar Breandan while he examines the seabed near Broken Spit .Protect the Pact as they defend Brassclaw Landing from the Risen .  
Kill the veteran Risen Acolyte of Melandru .Escort Warmaster Leddron and his team to Zho’qafa Catacombs .   
[Group Event] Use the Pact weapons to kill the Risen giant guarding the area near temple of Balthazar .Defend the Pact team as they search Zho’qafa Catacombs for artifacts .   
Kill the veteran Risen Acolyte of Lyssa .Defend Conquest Marina against the Risen .   
[Group Event] Defeat the Risen Priest of Balthazar before it can summon a horde of Risen .Help Pact Crusader Bodil find her missing companion , Alyxx .   
 Defend the tank as the Pact team secures the area .   
 Help the Pact reach the graveyard outside Zaishen Antheneum .   
 [Group Event] Help the Pact reach the Altar of Betrayal before their morale is depleted .