Final Fantasy 15 – Rusted Bit, Sturdy Helixhorn, Scraps of Mystery and more

Final Fantasy XV has launched and it is one of the better open world single player RPGs to show up this year. With strong main story and dozens of hours you can spend doing side quests it occupies players for a very long time. Having AI controlled companions and group combat mechanics it gives the impression as if you are playing MMORPG game.

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Our sister website GosuNoob spent hundreds of hours in the game and created over 100 guides that will help you go through FF 15 easier. There are things ranging from finding upgrade materials for your weapons, to lists of all the dungeons in the game and walkthroughs for some of them. There are also secret areas, maps of various collectibles, as well as end game content explanations. There are rarely single player games into which we put this much effort and FF 15 is one of those special ones.


Rusted Bit, Glass Gemstone, sturdy Helix horn – A Better Engine Blade


Fairly early in the game Cid at Hammerhead offers to upgrade one of your starter weapons and all he requires are some materials. Cid is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series. Each game has the story and game world reset anew, but some things keep reappearing, and Cid is one of those FF peculiarities. The side quest he gives you is called A Better Engine Blade and has three versions of it, each upgrading your Engine Blade to the next level. He asks you to get the Rusted Bit first, and it is a common treasure item found in several places in EOS (we have screenshots and map locations for a lot). Glass gemstone is the next upgrade item needed, and it is very rarely found, but with our help you’ll be able to get them easily. Final upgrade component is a tough on and it is called Sturdy Helixhorn. You will need to hunt a particular animal’s drop and the guide tells you where and how.


Scraps of Mystery and other side quests in FFXV


Beside the main story quest (which is as good as you’d expect from a Final Fantasy game) you have a plethora of side quests in the open world to keep you occupied and help you level up. There are dog tags to collect from fallen hunters, helping strangers fix their cars along the road or help a jeweler collect precious stones all over the lands. However, two quests in particular present a big difficulty and require a lot of time to complete. First of these is called Scraps of Mystery and it is one of the most mysterious adventures in FF 15 that has 14 steps to it! It took dozens of hours to find all the starting points and Sylvester’s Map Pieces to complete it. To help you avoid all this trouble we compiled a guide with maps showing locations of all 14 Mystery map and Scrap locations in Final Fantasy XV. Second one is the Professor’s Protege Quest that requires you to hunt red, yellow and rainbow frogs near bodies of water. Finding these is time consuming and if you need help our guide is the perfect thing to help you skip the tedious searching.


I hope any of you playing Final Fantasy XV will find our guides helpful and will check out our collection of 100 FFXV guides that will hopefully make this great game even more enjoyable.