Guild Wars 2 Beta Patch Notes June 24th

The latest Guild Wars 2 leaked Patch Notes brings uncompleted professions changes. Remember not to take this serious because it could be fake.



Pistol: Explosive Shot – Bleeds on hit, but not on the explosion.
Rifle: Hip Shot: 0.5 -> 0.65m
Blunderbuss: Now uses a faster animation
Throw Junk: .2m->.33m

Updated a number of descriptions in trait text to be more accurate
Elixir Gun:
Tranquilizer gun: you can no longer shoot behind you
Elixir F: can no longer be fired on targets behind you
Flame Thrower:
Flame Blast: can no longer be fired on targets behind you

Alchemy (traits):
Acidic Coating: 10% chance to cause 3s poison on melee -> 20% chance to cause 5s poison on melee; 10s cooldown
Protection Injection: Now grants protection for 5 seconds instead of 3.
H.G.H: Made instant

Explosives (traits):
Incendiary Powder<: 100% chance to burn on explosives crit -> Now a 33%% chance to burn on any crit Exploit Weakness: 2s cripple -> 5s cripple Shrapnel: Now works with the Explosive Elixirs Trait Combined Throwing Arm and Grenade Pouch into one trait, Grenadier, and made it a tier 3 trait Short Fuse: 10% -> 20% Explosive Powder: is now a Tier 2 trait New trait: Enhanced performance: Gain 3 stacks of Might for 15 seconds on Heal. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 10 seconds. This trait is tier 2.
New Trait: Auto-Defense Bomb Dispenser: Drop a bomb whenever you are (Stun, Daze, Knockdown, Knockback, Launch, Float, Sink, Fear). This effect cannot trigger more than once every 5 seconds.

Firearms (traits):
Sitting Duck: +5% vs immobilized -> 10%
Infused Precision: Now has a 5 second cooldown
Napalm Specialist: 25% crit change with flame thrower -> 20% burning duration
Go for the Eyes: 33% chance to blind -> 50% chance to blind 10s cooldown
Precise Sights: 33% chance to vuln -> 50%
Juggernaut: Now grants 200 toughness

Inventions (traits):
‘Mines remove boons’ trait has been removed and become base functionality
New Trait: Energized Armor: 5% of your toughness is converted to power.
Removed the trait: Defensive Turrets
Elixir Infused Bombs: Has been moved to this line (Inventions).
Metal Plating: 15% -> 30%
Low Health Response System: now grants regeneration for 10 seconds when below 25% health.

Tools (traits):
Static Discharge: Now shoots out a chain lightning whenever you use a toolbelt skill
Speedy Kits: now grants Swiftness for 5 seconds when Equipping a kit. (5s cooldown)
Power Wrench: Now grants cripple to Tool kit attacks
Armor Mods: Gain +50 Toughness and 33% chance to cause Retaliation


Ward of Life: Ward duration – 5s -> 3s
Ward of Life -> Wave of Life: Removed the ward.

Resolute Healer – Removed the knockback from this trait.


Rush: 1.3m->1.7m
BladeTrail: 0.8m->0.7m; 20r->15r
Whirlwind Attack: 12r->10r
Hundred Blades: 6r->8r
Arcing Slice: Now does Fury 3s,6s,9s

Berserker’s Stance: 60r->25r; 20dur->8dur; 2 Adren/sec->5 Adren/sec
Fear Me: 1200 range. 0-15’:3s; 15-40’:2s;40-100’:1s; 95r->80r
Frenzy: Added take 50% more damage.
Kick: hits 3 targets.

Burst Skills: All set to 10 second recharge (8s with the trait)

Banner Duration: 45s->90s
Banner Stat Buff: 0-80->10-90
Banner Range: 100’(150’ traited)
Banner Stab: .5m->1m
Banner 2: Now based on what banner you are holding: Strength – Big damage attack+3xVuln; Tactics – PBAOE Heal+Regen; Discipline – AoE Fury; Defense – AoE Knockback; Elite – AoE spin/launch
Inspire: 30r->15r; 10s Swiftness
Sprint: Now does an attack at the end; 1.7m

Combustive Shot: 240 radius->360 radius; 0m->.2m; 400 velocity->550
Combustive Shot: 0.2m->0.33m
Smoldering Arrow: 20r->15r
Arcing Arrow: 1.7m->2.25m
Fan of Fire: .1m->.4m; 2s Burn->1s; 8r->6r
Dual Shot: .266m->.3m
Pin Down: Pierces

Flurry: .1m->.13m

Rifle Butt: 20r->15r; 3 targets

Signet of Fury: 35 PRE->90 PRE
Signet of Might: 35 POW->90 POW; 60r->25r
Signet of Stamina: 33% Endurance boost->50%
Dolyak Signet: now 90 Toughness
Healing Signet: Changed to pulse every second (85-131 range).
Signet of Rage: 120r->60r

Cull the Weak – Moved to tier 1
Shrug it Off – Moved to tier 2
Sweet Revenge – 100% chance to rally while Vengeanced.

Vengeance: Has a 25% chance to rally you.


Stealing: Updated the stealing tables so that stealing from a profession in PvP gives one of 2 objects.
Warrior: Axe/Rifle Underwater: Rock/Driftwood
Guardian: Staff/Mace Underwater: Trident/Rusty Scrap
Thief: Tuft of Hair/Bottle of Rum Underwater: Scale/Bottle of Rum
Ranger: Vine/Seed Pod Underwater: Egg/Coral Shard
Engineer: Gear/Rusty Scrap Underwater: Net/Rusty Scrap
Necromancer: Skull/Gunk Underwater: Skull/Gunk
Mesmer: Torch/Ectoplasm Underwater: Tentacle/Ectoplasm
Elementalist: Scepter/Ice Shard Underwater: Lava Rock/Ice Shard

Caltrops – 10s initial cripple, 1s/pulse; Bleed: 2s->4s
Haste: Added Lose all endurance drawback.

Uncatchable – 5s caltrops -> 3s caltrops; Initial Cripple: 5s; Bleed 2s->4s

Assassin Signet: 5-35 POW->10-90 POW
Signet of Agility: 5-35 PRE->10-90 PRE

Dagger Storm: Applies bleeding 5s; Last 9 seconds instead of 5; 180r->90r
Axe: .12m->.3m
Branch: 1.25m->2.5m
Club: 450 missile speed->550; 1s Stun->2s knockdown

Downed Skill 1: Trail of Knives – Throw a knife that bounces off nearby foes Crippling them.
Downed Skill 1S: Barbed Knife – Throw a knife, Bleeding your target.
Downed Skill 2: Shadow Escape – Teleport to the target location.
Downed Skill 3: Smoke Bomb – Drop a smoke bomb and vanish in Stealth.


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