Guild Wars 2 Cook’s Outfit

Cook’s Outfit can be purchased in the Gem Store for 700 gems. This outfit is account bound and it is possible to change the color on many different parts of this outfit. As a part of this outfit you will also receive a toy Frying Pan which grants a unique set of skills that can be used:

Frying Pan – Show everyone who’s in charge of this kitchen with a mighty swing of your pan.
Taste Test– Try out your latest creation. Results may vary.
Sous Chef – Call your trusted sous chef to join you
Grease Fire – Start a grease fire? Every chef’s nightmare.
Roast Pig – Prepare a delicious roast pig for all of your friends to enjoy.

The footage seen in this video was taken during Beta Weekend 2 and you can see that there are some effects missing. We assume that this will all be fixed by the time the game comes out.

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