GW2 Bell Choir Wintersday Guide

Getting Started Bell Choir Minigame

Talk to NPC Bell Maestro near Mystic Forge in the Lion’s Arch. Once you enter the Bell Choir Ensemble talk to snowman and choose the stage. Colored spheres will float across the stage. Wait until one enters the blue circle and stops moving – then hit it before it disappears. Timing is tricky, so be quick on your branches.

Objective for Bell Choir minigame

Bell Choir Ensemble is a noncombat activity that lets you play Wintersday and Guild Wars – themed songs on handbells in a challenging rhythm minigame. Play the correct notes at the right time to score points and earn presents! You’ll have a choice which part you want to play. Songs get progressively more difficult. When the note enters the blue inner circle ring the appropriate bell.


  • While on stage, play notes by using skills assigned to 1 – 4 and 6 – 9 on your skill bar.
  • During each song, colored spheres travel across the stage toward you. When the notes enter the inner circle and stop moving, it’s time to play!
  • Each skill is color-coded to match the sphere and section of the stage it travels down.
  • Miss a note, or play a note at the incorrect time, and you’ll take damage.
  • Play a note at the correct time and your health is restored.
  • Hit every note in a song to gain 100 points at the end. Every note you miss will subtract points based on how many total notes are in the song.
  • If you lose all your health, you miss out on points for that song and must wait until the next song to play again.
  • There are a total of six songs, ranging from easy to hard as the playlist progresses.
  • Presents are awarded based on the songs completed while remaining on stage. Survive all six songs and get the highest score you can!
  • Stick around after the sixth song for one minute of Free Play. Play whatever you want, collaborate with people on your stage, and get creative!

Tips and Tricks for Bell Choir minigame

  • It helps to position your camera so that it faces directly down onto the stage, zoomed as far out as possible. This makes it easier to see the notes before you play them.
  • If you’re having a hard time with the difficult songs, stick around until the playlist repeats. You’ll still be rewarded for completing the easier songs.
  • Try playing the number keys like a real keyboard, with one finger on each key. This helps with large leaps between notes.
  • If no one else is playing on stage with you, the other parts will play automatically.
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