GW2 Dragon Ball Arena Guide

Speak to Finolla near Mystic Forge to start this fun 5 vs 5 game.

The point of the game is to reach 500 points before your enemies do. You’ll gain 15 points per kill. Your first spell is Dragon sphere, while other boosts and spells can be collected all around arena. Health points will not regenerate over time, thus, you need to collect blue orbs in order to regenerate your health. Use jumping pads to move around arena.


Dragon ball arena

  • Throw Dragon Sphere / Super Dragon Sphere – first spell you get deals 15 damage and can be improved to Super Dragon Sphere (longer range and faster balls) by collecting power orb.
  • Dragon Bomb – Trowing a bomb which on impact deals 30 damage, slow cast time, and you need to aim a bit :D.
  • Dragon Stomp – Creating a whirlwind that reflects all dragon balls, thus, when you see a white whirlwind around player stop attacking him with the dragonball’s spells.
  • Dragon kick – Does a flying kick to daze your opponent for 2 sec and deal 15 damage.
  • Icy Dragon Trap – Place a trap that chills foes for 15 sec. Very good ambush spell, place it near some power orbs and nuke your opponent, a perfect combination with Dragon Kick



  • Dragon ball Devotee – Play 20 Dragon ball arena games. Tier 2
  • Dragon ball Boss – Win 20 Dragon ball arena games. Tier 2
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