GW2 Equipment Failure Achievement Guide

GW2 Equipment Failure Achievement can be obtained after defeating the Champion Frizz boss in Aetherblade Retreat instance.
GW2 Equipment Failure Achievement

Champion Frizz fight consists of three phases. While the first phase is quite easy and demands a couple of things that you should be aware off, the second and the third ones are real trouble.

The First Phase

During the first phase, you should kill a couple of adds while defeating Champion Frizz. This phase lasts until Champion Frizz reaches around 70% of his health pool.

The Second Phase

In this phase Frizz will move in the center of the room and protect himself with electric shield which prevents any incoming damage. At the opposite sides of the shield two laser sticks will appear. Laser beams move slowly counterclockwise around the room toward the wall, almost downing people on contact. In order to avoid these lasers you need either to move with it, or to jump on the top of the crates in the room. To make things even more harder, Champion Frizz summons Golems which can pull you to them and possible laser beams.

The Third Phase

After killing the second group of Aetherblade Golems, the third phase begins. In this phase Frizz will spawn a Laser Wall that moves in the same direction as the ground laser. The Laser wall can’t be avoided so you should move with it. Upon defeating two more Aetherblade Golems, Champion Frizz will spawn Laser Beam as well. Laser Beam travels a bit faster than Laser Wall, thus, stand on crates to survive. Upon defeating the last group of Aetherblade Golems, boss event ends, and you are awarded with Equipment Failure Achievement.

GW2 Equipment Failure Achievement

Laser Wall.