GW2 Guild Bounty Guide

Before your guild can unlock the first Guild Mission – Guild Bounty you have to upgrade Art of War to Tier 5 in your Guild panel. Unlocking the first tier of Bounty will cost you 30,000 influence and takes three days. There are three tiers of Guild Bounty, each increasing in difficulty and rewards. Guild Bounty can be described as events where your guild should find and capture various targets. These people are wanted for a variety of reasons and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to resist arrest!
By completing Guild Bounty, you can expect to earn personal rewards (2 pieces of rare or better equipment, 50 silvers, 2 Guild Commendations) for everyone involved, along with a new currency called Guild Merits. The amount of guild merits earned varies by guild mission type and tier. There is also a weekly limit to the amount of guild merits a guild can earn through each guild mission type. Guild Merits can be used to unlock new Guild Missions or powerful guild rewards.

GW2 Guild Bounty Tiers and Rewards

  • Guild Bounty Tier 1: 2 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 15 Guild Merits
  • Guild Bounty Tier 2: 4 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 20 Guild Merits
  • Guild Bounty Tier 3: 7 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 20 Guild Merits

GW2 Guild Bounty list

Important note: All Guild Bounty quests in Blazeridge Steppes: Weird Wind Rider, Tricksy Trekksa, Peculiar Pig, and Curious Cow have the same traveling path.

Bounty Target Map
Ander “Wildman” Westward Southsun Cove
Bookworm Bwikki Lornar’s pass
Brekkabek Harathi Hinterlands
Crusader Michiele Sparkfly Fens
Curious Cow Blazeridge Steppes
Deputy Brooke Snowden Drifts
Devious Teesa Frostgorge Sound
Diplomat Tarban Brisban Wildlands
Half Baked Kamali Mount Maelstrom
Peculiar Pig Blazeridge Steppes
Poobadoo Kessex Hills
Prisoner 1411 Iron Marshes
Shaman Arderus Fireheart Rise
Short-Fuse Felix Diessa Plateau
Sotzz the Scallywag Gendarran Fields
Tricksy Trekksa Blazeridge Steppes
Trillia Midwell Fields of Ruin
Weird Wind Rider Blazeridge Steppes
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