GW2 Lost and Found Achievement Guide

GW2 Lost and Found achievement can be completed by returning different items.
Important Note: You can return specific item only once.
Tier 1 – 1 item returned
Tier 2 – 3 items returned
Tier 3 – 6 items returned

Diessa Plateau – Refugee’s Wooden Soldier Item

You will get Refugee’s Wooden Soldier by collecting a Dirt-Covered Object. (there are many locations around Village of Butcher’s Block where you can find this object).

Return the item to Refugee Malia in Lion’s Arch.

Wayfarer Foothills – Refugee’s Goblet

You will get Refugee’s Goblet by collecting a Snow-Covered Object.

Return the item to Refugee Kirk in Lion’s Arch.

10 thoughts on “GW2 Lost and Found Achievement Guide

  1. Checked every location in Wayfarer Foothills on Anvil Rock and it hasn’t been in any of those locations. Most likely there are more possible areas or it rotates frequently.

  2. Try at off hours for your server (times when there are fewer people on). I had the same problem on Devona’s Rest server because so many were out looking for them but I got up early this morning and found them within 10 minutes of looking. Don’t forget to press and hold ctrl button when looking because it highlights the names and makes them easier to find!

  3. Wayfarer dropped the goblet for me last night but when I logged on today the same spawn location was dropping “Refugee’s Compass” and I can no longer find the goblet anywhere with any character. There was no patch or update between acquisitions.

  4. I’ve got one more to find can’t mind which one it is but every time i go to the places where ppl have said they are i already have it 🙁 is there any way to tell which ones you have got as i’ve went and spoke to the refugee’s and all but one tells me a story i think it’s the compass i’m looking for

  5. am at 5/6 now and if been on every spot on both maps so far and still cant find the damned last one i need, bullshit tbh

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