GW2 Refugee Volunteer Achievement Guide

GW2 Refugee Volunteer Achievement is introduced with the latest Flame and Frost: Prelude game update. Refugees traveling south from Wayfarer Foothills to Hoelbrak, and from Diessa Plateau to the Black Citadel are in need of assistance. Collect mementos, light campfires and aid refugee migration.
After completing this achievement, you have to re-log if you don’t get an e-mail. After receiving the e-mail you’ll gain Refugee Child’s Drawing. Double click it and you will gain 5000 karma.

Note: If you want to finish the achievement as soon as possible, re-log often to different overflows, use alt or guest on another server.

Later on that day, there will be events in Diessa Plateau. You’ll be sent an in-game mail letting you know about the events in Diessa Plateau. If you’re already logged in when that happens, you need to change maps to receive that message.
In Diessa Plateau, you will see refugees just north of the Black Citadel, and along the path north towards Wayfarer Foothills. You will see signs along some of the paths in the area.

-Regina Buenaobra


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