GW2 Super Adventure Box Guide

gw2 Super Adventure Box
GW2 Super Adventure Box event starts at the north end of Rata Sum, near the portal to Lion’s Arch. Super Adventure Box event lasts during the April. Enter the Box and grab a super coin from the vending machine, and feed it to Virtual Moto.

Once you enter the world, the 8-bit conversion will happened and your UI will change completely. You start with 5 lives. If you die five times, you’ll need to give a Continue Coin to Moto in order to continue or you will be teleport to Rata Sum. Continue Coin are a random drop from jumping puzzle chests or basic chests throughout Tyria map, or you can buy Continue Coin for 25 Baubles from Moto in Rata Sum.


Patch Notes


Super Adventure Box Bosses


New Super Weapon Gallery


New Super Box Miniature


Super Adventure Box Achievement Guides:

World 1


World 2

Super Adventure Box World 2 Information


Pro Tips:

  • Zoom your camera all the way out with your mouse wheel.
  • Disable double-tap to evade in your Combat/Movement Options under General Options.  Learn to use the V key to evade.
  • “Dodge Jump” for a little extra height and length by hitting evade (V) right after Jump (Space Bar).  Practice rolling your thumb from the Space Bar to the V key in one smooth movement.
  • Don’t pick on innocent wildlife. Some might even lead you to treasure!
  • Always carry a towel with you to deal with sweaty palms.
  • After defeating King Toad boss in World 1 you’ll get the Bonus Round. Don’t forget to hit or throw the mini bomb on the Mine Cart to gain additional Baubles. The round last 45 sec. After that you will be transferred to World 2.
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