Halloween Pumpkin Locations

GW2 Halloween event carving pumpkins will give you achievement and title. You can carve them everywhere not just in Lion’s Arch. If you want to finish everything in the Lion’s Arch just relog to another overflow server.
In Queensdale there’s a guy that will grant you the title “Master Carver” if you carve enough pumpkins. There are 4 tiers of pumpkin carving before you get the title (150 Pumpkins). The title is account bound, so you can carve in the same area with different characters.

We would like to thank AriousKyudo, Acruxx and ZeroB for making these maps
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5 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Locations

  1. No need. If u get all 10-11 pumpinks in Lion’s Arch and then port to WvW and back to L.A. .. U will get title within 2h or less

  2. you can actually just relog or switch to an Alt and they reset too. Have heard that there were pumpkins in Metrica Province as well

  3. Would also like to add another location on the queensdale map. Directly north by north west of Fields Waypoint theres a pumpkin in the hut

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