Help First Haven’s residents deal with the undead

Event/POI Name: Help First Haven’s residents deal with the undead
Event/POI Type: Renown Heart
Event/POI Zone: Gendarran Fields
Notes: Help First Haven by killing undead, dealing with the aftermath of their attack, and keeping the roads safe.

After finishing the Heart , you can buy the following items from the Npc:
1-First Haven Cloth Gloves
2-First Haven Leather Gloves
3-First Haven Gauntlets
4-First Haven Cloth Gloves
5-First Haven Leather Gloves
6-First Haven Gauntlets
7-Lionguard Rifle
8-Lionguard Torch
9-Lionguard Rifle
10-Lionguard Torch
11-Commemorative 1st Haven Metal Spoon
12-Commemorative 1st Haven Silver Spoon.

Image Walkthrough:
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Region: Kryta | Level: 25-35 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Melandru’s Cenote Skill Point Vista Help First Haven’s residents deal with the undead Traveler’s Dale Waypoint
Ambush Camp Skill Point Vista Rescue Fallen Seraph in the Bloodfields. First Haven Waypoint
Bad Omen Beach Skill Point Vista Help Bronson disrupt centaur troops. Lionbridge Waypoint
Amaranth Grotto Skill Point Vista Support the troops stationed at Ascalon Settlement. Stoneguard Gate Waypoint
Stonefish Beach Skill Point Vista Help Milton Book and local farmers with their pirate and pest problems. Talajian Waypoint
Slade’s Bay Skill Point Vista Get back at the pirates for Joukje. Nebo Terrace Waypoint
Jackdaw’s Reef Skill Point Vista Help Johan with his training duties at Vollym’s battle pit. Blood Hill Waypoint
Mellaggan Shrine   Vista Help Lionguard Rhyn drive the dredge away from Junction Haven. Bloodfields Waypoint
The Beastpool     Assist the Lionguard and protect Junction Haven. Broadhollow Waypoint
Vollym’s Battle Pit     Maintain security around Almuten Mansion. Ascalon Settlement Waypoint
Molenheide     Help Mei Shadowwalker reclaim the Wiley pirates’ stolen treasure. Cornucopian Fields Waypoint
Janusian Caves       Applenook Hamlet Waypoint
Almuten Mansion       Brigantine Waypoint
Wiley’s Cove       Oogooth Waypoint
Vigil HQ       Northfields Waypoint
Quaggankeep Channel       Provern Shore Waypoint
Second Aetherblade Site       Snowblind Waypoint
        Winter Haven Waypoint
        Junction Haven Waypoint
        Icegate Waypoint
        Almuten Waypoint
        Vigil Keep Waypoint
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location of a fight Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a brawl Event – Object to be destroyed/operated
Help Denton and Chief Cherpa safely transport their supplies through the swamp. [Group Event] Kill the Tamini moguls to weaken the Tamini forces. Kill the giant skelk scavanger feeding on fallen soldiers in the Bloodfields. Defeat Vollym, champion of the battle pit. Defeat the dredge before they pick Junction Haven clean.
Prevent the centaurs from capturing Nebo Terrace . Attack rock dogs until they rebel against the centaurs. Kill the dredge raidmaster invading Junction Haven.    
Defend First Haven from the risen . Survive the trials of the battle pit.      
Ensure the explosives arrive safely at Junction Haven.        
Stop the pirates raiding the mansion .        
Help Tholaun rescue Miss Mipp.        
Guild Bounty        
Sotzz the Scallywag        

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