Hoelbrak Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

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map of Hoelbrak

Region: Shiverpeak Mountains |

Point of Interest Vista Waypoint Guild Trek  
Courage Brewery Vista Peeta’s Waypoint Brother Notch  
Hrothbeir’s Rest Vista Hero’s Compass Waypoint Grimdottirs Duty  
Snow Leopard Hallow Vista Snow Leopard Waypoint Kegbrawl Watch  
Dragon Hallow Vista Raven Waypoint Raven Nook  
Raven Hearth Vista Bear Waypoint    
Raven Hallow   Shelter Rock Waypoint    
Bear Hallow   Legends Waypoint    
Master Blackforge’s Steading   Wolf Waypoint    
Sigfast’s Steading   Eastern Watchpost Waypoint    
Vheratha’s Tavern   Southern Watchpost Waypoint    
Skarti’s Steading   Trade Commons Waypoint    
Lost Spirit’s Hallow   Great Lodge Waypoint    
Wolf Hallow   Might and Main Waypoint    
Boasting Hall   Upper Balcony Waypoint    
Old Fiach’s Lorestead        
Stonewright’s Steading        
Bilrost Gallery        
The Great Rise        
Fang of the Serpent        
Knut Whitebear’s Loft        
Traveler’s Loft        
Brawler’s Bout        
Vigil Billet        
Priory Encampment        

One thought on “Hoelbrak Map of POIs, Waypoints, Vistas, Skills and more

  1. Hello,

    Your maps are great, but is there some kind of worldwide conspiracy cloaking the destinations of asura gates unless you’re looking right at them in game (and sometimes even then)? That info doesn’t show up on game maps, although a nearby waypoint sometimes indicates the purpose of special portals, but I’m really surprised nothing shows up on your site, either.