How to preview item in GW2 with chat code

legendary_items_gw2_Maw_of_the_DeepAccording to the latest Guild Wars 2 Reddit posts, if you have the chat code of an item you can link it in the game chat box and then preview it. I believe that the main idea of this invention will be preview of the items in Trade Post, which is not possible at this moment.
If you are not sure how to do this follow the steps below:

  • If you have an item in your inventory type /wiki and Shift+Click the item and press enter. This action will open a new browser window linking to the GW2 wiki.
  • Copy the text code from the search box and paste it in the game chat box, then simply press enter. It will give you the chat link of the item. If you share the chat code with other players, they will be able to preview the item even if they don’t have it in their inventories.

There is also a script (thanks to turinpt) to turn item IDs into chat codes:


Each ID has 2 bytes so the number should be between 0 and 65535. Legendary items IDs are between 30684 and 30704. You can choose a random number as an item ID.
Don’t forget that preview mode doesn’t show the special particle effects, animations, etc.


Legendaries Code Preview
Frostfang (Axe) [&AgHcdwAA]  
Kudzu (Longbow) [&AgHddwAA] GWz6A
The Dreamer (Shortbow) [&AgHedwAA] `legendary_items_gw2_the_dreamer
Incinerator (Dagger) [&AgHfdwAA]  
The Minstrel (Focus) [&AgHgdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_the_minstrel
The Juggernaut (Hammer) [&AgHidwAA]  
Maw of the Deep (Spear) [&AgHjdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_Maw_of_the_Deep
The Moot (Mace) [&AgHkdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_Moot
Quip (Pistol) [&AgHldwAA] legendary_items_gw2_the_pistol
Predator (Rifle) [&AgHmdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_Predator
Meteorlogicus (Scepter) [&AgHndwAA] legendary_items_gw2_Meteorlogicus
The Flameseeker Prophecies (Shield) [&AgHodwAA] legendary_items_gw2_The_Flameseeker_Prophecies
Frenzy (Harpoon Gun) [&AgHpdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_Frenzy
The Bifrost (Staff) [&AgHqdwAA] legendary_items_gw2_The_Bifrost
Bolt (Sword)   legendary_items_gw2_Bolt
Rodgorts (Torch)   legendary_items_gw2_Rodgorts
Kraitkin (Trident)   legendary_items_gw2_Kraitkin
Howler (Warhorn)   legendary_items_gw2_Howler
Sunrise (Greatsword)   legendary_items_gw2_Sunrise
Twilight (Greatsword)   legendary_items_gw2_Twilight
Eternity? (Greatsword)   legendary_items_gw2_Eternity


Color Code
Shy Iris Dye [&AgHOTwAwglDz0REQAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Midnight Yew Dye [&AgFOUAAwAJynIkMcAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Pastel Citrus Dye [&AgGXUAAwvK2ZepsMAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Lilac Dye [&AgF8UAAwFl7r86UeAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Spring Tide Dye [&AgH7UAAw2Gh4IMMdAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Mudmetal Dye [&AgECUAAwdm0fk9MCAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]
Pastel Sea Dye [&AgHjUAAw73SbRyseAACTz+WcVAIAAA==]


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