King Jalis’s Refuge Jumping puzzle

GW2 King Jalis Refuge puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: King Jalis’s Refuge
  • Location:East part of Snowden Drifts
  • Location map: Snowden Drifts
  • Recommended level : 19+
  • Achievement type: Jumping Puzzles
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 5+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chests



1st Orrian Energy Source

This is one of the jumping puzzles that can be completed easily. When you enter the cave, keep on the left side of the cave until you reach a vista. From that point jump onto wooden planks behind the vista and kill a few looters on your way, until you reach a pit with pipes. Don’t rush, these are tricky jumps, and if you fail and fall down you will need to start all over again. When you get across the pipes to the other side, you will come across an event boss called Veteran Relic Hunter. After defeating him a door will open and you can loot splendid chest.

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  1. The chest is not appearing, checked 2 days ago, then again today… I defeated the boss, the door opened but there was no chest.

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