Loreclaw Expanse Jumping Puzzle

Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Loreclaw Expanse
  • Location: Charr Starting Zone Plains of Ashford, south east corner of the map
  • Location map: Loreclaw Expanse / Plains of Ashford / Ascalon
  • Recommended level: ~15
  • Achievement type: Explorer / Puzzle Achievement
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Monster level: 12-15

General Information

This jumping puzzle rewards you with the puzzle achievement and a chest at the end. It is located in the south east corner of Plains of Ashford. The puzzle is completed once you locate the hidden chest. You can take two different paths to get to the hidden chest. One will take you through traps, while the other will have you killing difficult mobs.


Part 1: Starting point

You need to go underwater to get to the platform that begins the second section of this puzzle.


Part 2: Jumping

All of the jumping in this puzzle happens during this part. Once you are done with this you will pick one of the two routes that will take you to the chest.


Part 3: Route 1

This route is the longer of two and consists of avoiding some traps. The first kind of traps are spikes coming out of the ground and the second trap type are the flames.
The spikes are predictable and are easy to navigate. Although their activation is not synchronized they are very visible and you have about 3 seconds during which the spikes are in the ground, which makes this an easy trap to go through.
The flames are much harder to do. There are 6 sculptures that shoot flames at you. These flames are not particularly synchronized and at different times they can have a different order of shooting flames. The way I did this puzzle is to wait for the first two flames to get synchronized and once I get past them I double-tap forward and roll over next to the last fire breathing sculpture. I just waited for the last one to stop shooting flames and I ran away from the flames. Some people use the arches in between the statues to hide until the flames stop shooting. You will find your own way of doing this in no time.


Part 3: Route 2

This is a shorter route, yet it brings a different type of challenge in a form of two spider mobs. These spiders place a slowing poison onto you, so if you do not have a poison removing ability or potion this will be a very tough challenge. Help of a friend would also come in handy or if you have a pet to aggro the spiders while you run past them will help. Otherwise the fight is so hard it will almost be faster to take the “longer” route and avoid traps instead of fighting the spider mobs.


Part 4: The Hidden Chest

This is probably the most interesting part of the puzzle as well as the most care-free part, because chances are you will not fall off the route and be forced to start over. The hardest thing here will be going across some steps that have the ceiling fall onto them. There are two ways to get past this trap. One is if someone crosses the steps before you and the ceiling falls ion their head (did somebody say cheating?). The proper way of going through this trap is going as fast as you can along the steps and double-tap forward to roll forward and get to the end faster. You literally need to spam the double-tap forward to get to the end fast enough. Once you master this you will not have to rely on others to save you :).
You will see the “chest” behind a waterfall and thing you are done. WRONG! The chest is a trap that, if activated, will spawn an elite mob that will have no trouble sending you to the respawn point of your choice. What you actually need to do is read the Journal next to the “fake chest” and follow the instructions in it, which means you need to climb up, cross a beam and activate the pressure plate to open the passageway to the “real chest”.

8 thoughts on “Loreclaw Expanse Jumping Puzzle

  1. I can’t seem to get the plate to activate.. The door won’t open so I can’t finish the puzzle. Am I supposed to kill the elite first?

  2. Missing the part to get to the fake chest seems to be a big gapp between the plate and the fake chest ??

  3. You can get into this puzzle and skip to part 3 if you enter the cave south of Loreclaw Waypoint. It will take you to the spike/flame route.

  4. wow! is like indiana jones tribute, look at the spidersilk, the 2 big wheels and then, near the chest..the saint graal! awesome!

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