Mad King’s Clock Tower Jumping Puzzle

Key Facts:
  • Name: Mad King’s Clock Tower
  • Location Mad King’s Realm
  • Location map: Timberline Falls
  • Recommended level : 1+
  • Achievement type: Special Event / Jumping Puzzles
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 5+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Hard
  • Prize: Achievement / Magnificent Chest

General Information

Extremely fun puzzle. Once you start jumping, the polluted water starts rising . If you are not fast enough, the moment incoming polluted water touches you, it will teleport you to the start. Beside the fact that you are running out of time very fast, another important thing is that some of the jumps are really hard. There are a lot of people doing this puzzle and that can destruct you as well. While you are jumping, you will came across two chests. Don’t try to loot them, just jump as fast as possible!



Find any Haunted Door and enter it

Guide through the Jumping Puzzle

7 thoughts on “Mad King’s Clock Tower Jumping Puzzle

  1. trash reward. i did run this for 7 hours because of lag. i couldn’t get the chest for 7 hours. and today morning, the clock tower got bugged. and everyone in tower could use skills and flying and swimming. i could get the reward anyhow.. -_-
    this event is for only rich people. very low change to get any good thing. and too expensive.

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