GW2 Molten Facility Guide

GW2 Molten Facility
The Molten Facility is a level-80 single-path dungeon experience where players fight alongside Rox Whetstone and Braham Eirsson. All players who enter are scaled up to level 80. Entrances to the Molten Weapons Facility change over time as new locations are found. Information on the map where the dungeon is located is in the Living World UI on the top right of the screen.

Completing the meta-achievement for Flame and Frost, “Alliance Breaker“, awards you a Fused Gauntlet Ticket. Use this item to exchange it for your choice of Fused Gauntlets, a unique exotic item. Completion of this achievement requires all of the other Flame and Frost achievements except “A Rallying Flame“. A new title, “Avenger of the Dispossessed“, has been added for players who see Rox and Braham’s stories to completion. The final Flame and Frost achievement, “A Rallying Flame“, is not available until the conclusion of the story arc.
A wide variety of new and unique rewards are available by defeating the challenging encounters within. This content is available from April 30 to May 12.

Explore the Caverns with Rox and Braham

The dungeon starts by speaking with Rox. Your first aim is to survive the Molten Alliance ambush. There will be several waves of Veteran Molten Forces.

Protect Rox and Braham while the machine is drilling

While drilling, the machine will open five rooms where you can find Mithril and Orichalcum Ores. Both Mithril and Orichalcum Ores can drop new gemstones.

When you enter the next cave, turn right. There will be a small jumping part, where you should defeat a few Cave spiders, and at the end you will find a Orichalcum Ore.

Make your way to the testing chamber

While following Rox and Braham you will come across waterfalls. Just wait a few second and the waterfalls will disappear. The path guides you further to the testing chamber where you should destroy the thermal core.

Stop the weapons test by destroying the thermal core

Once you enter the testing chamber, fire flames will appear at the edges of the room, and move across the room. Try to avoid the flames, or position yourself behind the thermal core, because the flames cannot go through the core. As the time goes by, the number of flames will increase. When Veteran Molten Protector appears, use knockback to kick him out of the flame circle, in order to defeat him. He is shielded while standing in the flame circle.

At the end of this phase, things start “heating up”. The weights hanging from the ceiling will start falling off, and creating shock wave blasts, which you should jump over. At the same time a huge flames will appear along with red circles on the ground which cover one half of the cave. Dodge quickly and move to the other side of the cave.

Push farther into the Molten facility

Your next aim is to destroy four coolant boxes. In order to find all of them you will have to defeat Veteran Molten Effigy.

Free the prisoners

After destroying Faulty gate, proceed toward the cage. After the short conversation between Rox and Braham, turn left, kill several Veteran Molten Fire Shaman, and enter the cage. Search the pocket of the prisoner’s shirt and you will find Crumpled Pages addressed to Sten in the Black Citadel. Then turn back and go through the other door in order to free 10 prisoners.

Escort the prisoners out of the Molten Facility

At the end you will face two bosses Molten FireStorm and Molten Berserker. Those two bosses have all abilities and attacks, that you have faced in the previous parts of the dungeon. You should defeat Molten Firestorm first, since this boss can fly and move very quickly, and has AoE attacks. He marks red circle on the ground where the fire balls will be launched. Molten Berserker has Cleaves (AoE attack), Stomps (uses weights) and ShadowStep ability. After defeating Molten FireStorm boss, the Beserker will obtain new abilities. While up in the air, the Berserker becomes invulnerable, and at the same time creates fire circles on the ground. When he hits the ground, he creates an AoE fire Wave.

Plant explosives on the Molten weapon’s outflow vents

After setting 3 explosives talk to Braham and then escape from the exploding facility.

Loot and Rewards:

  • Rage against the War Machine achievement
  • Fused Gauntlet Ticket (by completing Alliance Breaker achievement)
  • 1760 Karma
  • 13 silvers
  • Insignias
  • Azurite Orbs and Azurite Crystals
  • Exotic weapons
  • Food recipes


Post-Dungeon Content

Once you have earned the Rage Against the War Machine achievement, you will receive a letter from Braham that explains where he and Rox are heading now. Both of these characters have one final scene for you to watch, after which, you will earn the Avenger of the Dispossessed achievement and title.
Rox’s Final Scene
Once you have completed the Molten Facility dungeon, travel to the Black Citadel, take the Hero’s Waypoint, and head towards the central structure. Turn right into the entryway by Coloa Stonecrack and you will enter the Citadel Stockades.
Once you have entered, head towards Rox and Rytlock and view the scene.
Braham’s Final Scene

Once you have completed the Molten Facility dungeon, travel to Hoelbrak and take the Great Lodge Waypoint.
Enter Knut Whitebear’s loft and approach Braham and Knut to view the scene.
A Rallying Flame Achievement

This achievement can only be earned during the epilogue, which starts on Sunday, May 12 at 12:00pm Pacific and remains active until Thursday, May 16 at 12:00am Pacific. You can earn this achievement by interacting with a bonfire in either Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak, or the Black Citadel.