Morgan’s Leap Jumping Puzzle

morgan's leap nice view
Key Facts:
  • Name: Morgan’s Leap
  • Location: Caledon Forest, Lower East Corner, Morgan’s Leap
  • Location map: Caledon Forest / Maguuma Jungle /lvl 1-15
  • Recommended level: any
  • Achievement type: Explorer / puzzle
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy
  • Prize (except fun): Achievement / chest


General Information

A fairly easy and interesting jumping puzzle that, beside a few harder jumps, is not too hard to conquer. Added bonus is the beautiful scenery in which the puzzle is placed with breathtaking hanging rocks all around

Guide through the puzzle

7 thoughts on “Morgan’s Leap Jumping Puzzle

  1. This information is not complete, as this puzzle features three parts. One described here where you jump on spiral, then you jump down to the den with enemies (chest on the bottom) and then you jump up on mushrooms with a chest at the end too.

  2. you comment arent totaly right, causee it 1 way to get there, you can also get there simply by walking in there and then begin to jump up, its another JP

    • No, their comment was right, yours is not. You cannot simply walk in there without someone opening the gates from the inside. Morgan’s Leap has to be done first by at least one person.

  3. There is another achievement (“Dark Reverie”) and a splendid chest at the end of the jumping puzzle inside the Nightmare Camp (+ the chest inside)

  4. There is NOTHING easy about this puzzle. I didnt realize you had to be weaned off Super Mario Bros to play a Guild Wars game. This jumping crap was totally unnecessary for the type of game that Guilds Wars is. Unfortunatley it is now. So when you post the difficulty of these puzzles..just set it to hard a be done with it.

    • Mate. First off.
      This is an easy puzzle. You want hard, try the Metrica Province puzzle.
      secondly, 2D Platforming =/= 3d platforming.
      Third, it is very unnecessary. You don’t HAVE to do this. You can just ignore all the jumping puzzles ever made ever by anyone ever and not do another one. Ever. Most people find it fun, some don’t. The great thing about a game is that you’re not forced to do much, and especially not in GW2. If you prefer grinding, grind. If you like exploring, that’s cool too. If you want to make food, more power to you. If you want to challenge your platforming skills, then you can do a jump puzzle. Or two. Or 20.

  5. Thanks to Arena for adding this kind of gameplay into MMORPGs. It’s so much better than the common brainless grinding. It’s fun, ist’s fresh, its challenging, it’s great. Jumping Puzzles are in fact one of the main reasons I prefer Guild Wars 2 over any other game of “this type”.

    This specific puzzle have an increasing difficulty, though, and is much longer than what the guide shows.

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