Path of Fire Raptor Mount – Where to Find

Path of Fire Raptor mount is the first mount that you obtain in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. You can live through all your Jurassic Park-fueled fantasies you had as a kid. The raptor can jump far, smack enemies with its tail, and more. Investing Mastery Points will buff the things he can do even further. The raptor will be essential to solving some early-game puzzles, too, and even to unlocking the second mount. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide, telling you how to get Raptor mount in Path of Fire.

Path of Fire Raptor Mount - Where to Find

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Path of Fire How to Get Springer Mount

Springer mount is one of the animals you can ride in GW 2: Path of Fire. It is the second mount you can get in the game, and it’s essentially an enormous rabbit. It can jump high into the air, decrease fall damage you take, and knock enemies down. To unlock it, you’ll have to do some chores for the breeder, in a specific region. Our guide on GW 2 Path of Fire Springer Mount explains exactly how to obtain it.

Path of Fire How to Get Springer Mount

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Path of Fire Goddess of Secrets Achievement – Kormir’s Secret Room

Goddess of Secrets is an achievement you can get in the Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion. It requires you to to find a small, hidden area. It’s called Kormir’s Secret Room, and it’s stashed away under the water. The achievement is part of a bigger quest, Facing the Truth, in the second act of the expansion. To help you out, we’ll tell you where to find Kormir’s Secret Room & Goddess of Secrets achievement in Path of Fire.

Path of Fire Goddess of Secrets Achievement Kormir's Secret Room

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Path of Fire Mounts – Springer, Raptor, Skimmer, Jackal

Mounts in Path of Fire are a new addition to Guild Wars 2. They’re pretty important, considering that they’re necessary for completing puzzles, not just faster travelling. Every mount is unique, in that they have their individual skills which can aid you go places that you couldn’t without them. There are four mounts to find; the raptor, the skimmer, the jackal, and the springer. Every one of them can be upgraded with Path of Fire Mastery Points. Getting the mounts, though, can prove to be tricky, so we’ll tell you how to get Path of Fire raptor, skimmer, jackal, and springer mounts.

Path of Fire Mounts - Springer, Raptor, Skimmer, Jackal

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Path of Fire Crystal Oasis Mastery Point Locations

Mastery points in Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire are necessary for unlocking mount abilities. These purple points allow you to interact with your mount in better and more complex ways. Taking into account that mounts are invaluable for solving puzzles and just generally making your way through the world, the Mastery Points are pretty important. They are strewn about the map, and getting some of them will require you to complete challenges. Since these can get difficult, we’ve put together this GW2 Path of Fire Mastery Point Locations in Crystal Oasis guide.

Path of Fire Crystal Oasis Mastery Point Locations

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Path of Fire Errors & Problems – InstanceCreate Failed, Network Error

Path of Fire has only been live for a couple of hours, and there are already all kinds of reports of nasty bugs, network errors and crashes. Some of them can be solved with quick tricks,
while others require the developers’ attention. We’re going to list all the known issues in our Path of Fire errors & problems guide, to help you keep track of any bug you might experiencing.

gw2 path of fire errors problems

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Path of Fire Expansion Launch Time

Path of Fire, the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, is going to be released this Friday, September 22nd. According to an FAQ post on the ArenaNet site, it’s going to go live at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PDT). The post is filled with all sorts of great info about the expansion, but we’re only going to mention the bits that we think are the most important.

guild wars 2 path of fire expansion launch time

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WTS Finals Winners

The World Tournament Series finals were scheduled to take place in Cologne, during Gamescom. The competition was fierce but one team managed to get ahead of others – The Abjured. They took home $25.000 and five Nvidia graphics cards, and their names will be written on the Pride trophy. Here’s the full list of winners, along with team member names.


world tournament series cologne

  • First place: The Abjured (Five Gauge, Phantaram, Nos, Wakkey, Magic Toker)
  • Second place: Orange Logo (ROM, Denshee, Tage, Frae, Sindrener)
  • Third place: The Civilized Gentlemen (Lord Helseth, Lypion, Zan, Texbi, Levin)
  • Fourth place: GLHF (Nocturne, Larisense, November, Mr Time, Cain)

Good job everyone, and thanks for the entertainment.

Heart of Thorns Expansion At Gamescom 2015

Memebers of the ArenaNet team will be flying out to Cologne, Germany, to show off Heart of Thorns to the audience at Gamescom 2015. The new expansion will be on display at the Guild Wars 2 booth, where visitors will have the chance to try out the new content for themselves.

gw2 heart of thorns gamescom 2015

If you’re in Cologne on August 8th, you’ll also have the chance to watch the World Tournament Series finals, where four teams will fight for a piece of the $50.000 prize pool. There will be discussion panels each day, and you’ll be able to meet members of the development team. Most of it will be streamed via Twitch, so you can enjoy it even if you can’t visit.