Priory Recruiting Station

Event/POI Name: Priory Recruiting Station
Event/POI Type: Point of Interest
Event/POI Zone: Rata Sum
Image Walkthrough:
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map of Rata Sum

Region: Maguuma Jungle |

Point of Interest Vista Waypoint Guild Trek  
Thamaturgic Calculus Vista Accountancy Waypoint Magihedron Corner  
The Magihedron Vista Magicat Court Waypoint Flakks Lapidary Nook  
Forge Hall Vista Auxiliary Waypoint Port Authority Lost and Found  
Vigil Recruiting Station Vista Apprentice Waypoint    
Artisan Hall Vista Research Waypoint    
Skinner Hall   Port Waypoint    
Dept of Arcane Eye   Incubation Waypoint    
Priory Recruiting Station   Metrical Court Waypoint    
Arcane Council   Magustan Court Waypoint    
Inquest Recruiting Station        
The Aquatarium        
Peacemakers Headquarters        
PR-1000 Prototype Golem        
Polymock Atrium        
Engaged Demo Station        
Zojjas Workstation        
Antidawn Anchorage        
Dawnside Quay        
Usability Station        

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