Scaver Waypoint

Event/POI Name: Scaver Waypoint
Event/POI Type: Waypoint
Event/POI Zone: Queensdale
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map of Queensdale

Jumping Puzzles
Demongrub Pits
Region: Kryta | Level: 1-17 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Trainer’s Terrace Earthen Magic Skill Challenge Vista Assist the Seraph at Shaemoor Garrison Shaemoor Waypoint
Mepis Moa Ranch Skill Challenge: Defeat Chhk the Windmill King Vista Help Foreman Flannum Garrison Waypoint
Jeb’s Wheatfield Defeat Franklin Quickblade and his band of rogues Vista Help Cassie around the moa ranch Scaver Waypoint
Eda’s Orchard Use Erts Unguent Vista Help farmer Diah Fields Waypoint
Dalin’s Pumping Station Examine Temple of the Ages Vista Assist Farmer Eda Orchard Waypoint
Altar Brook Trading Post Defeat Carnie Jeb the Strong-Man. Vista Help Fisherman Travis and Fisherman Justin Ojon’s Lumbermill Waypoint
Altar Brook Crossing Tamini Place of Power Vista Assist Laborer Cardy and Ojon’s lumbermill Crossing Waypoint
Bar Curtis Ranch   Vista Help Lexi Price protect the trade route Vale Waypoint
Duran Brothers’ Docks   Vista Train with the militia Claypool Waypoint
Greatheart Weald     Help the Seraph Protect Claypool from Centaurs Phinney Waypoint
Hunting Lodge     Help the monastery brewers Heartwood Pass Camp Waypoint
Kappa’s Corral     Help Historian Garrod Investigate Godslost Swamp Krytan Waypoint
Eldvin Monastery     Aid the Beetletun farmers Godslost Waypoint
Deathroot Shack     Assist Hunter Block and the Hunting Lodge Swamplost Haven Waypoint
Temple of the Ages     Support the citizens of Beetletun Beetletun Waypoint
Hoodland camp     Assist Fisherman Will and the Fisherman of Beetletun Tunwatch Redoubt Waypoint
Beetletun Waterworks     Unite the ettins  
Cliffwatch Camp        
Bonegrinder’s Gully        
Hidden Cliff Camp        
Righteous Hoofmoot        
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a fight Event – Object to be destroyed/operated Event – NPC that collects event item
Defend Barthol on his way to the Old Armory Kill the Riverdrake broodmother Drive the harpy flock from the dam. Protect the hay bales from bandits Bring blobs of toxin to Apprentice Jameson
Protect Shaemoor’s drinking water from bandits Kill the giant wurm tearing up Jeb’s field Drive the rogue bull back home and fix any mayhem on the way Stop skritt thieves from stealing logging tools Collect grub remains for Ine
Protect the ranchers from bandits Slay the giant fish to protect the fishing waters Drive the bandits away from the windmill Defend the beehives from hungry bears Gather ruined grapes from Victoria’s vineyard
Defend Mepi from bandits [Group Event] Slay the enraged champion cave troll Bandits have constructed a roadblock to stop Shaemoor traffic Drive back the centaurs before they steal the monastery’s ale  
  Defeat the Lady in White Drive the bandits from Curtis’s ranch    
  Hunt and slay the giant boar      
  [Group Event] Defeat the shadow behemoth.      
Event – Destination or point of interest Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture Guild Trek    
Help Slim Mikhart destroy the skritt cave support Hold Heartwood Pass Camp Altar Brook Lair    

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