Rescue the captive Zephyrites.

Event/POI Name: Rescue the captive Zephyrites.
Event/POI Type: Event – Location/NPC to defend
Event/POI Zone: Dry Top
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Region: Maguuma Wastes | Level: 80-80 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Waypoint Event – Location of a fight
Choke Canyon Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden Vista Crash Site Dry Top Entry Waypoint Clear the jungle tendril and its roots.
Crash Site Mending Waters Vista Sparring Rock Prosperity Waypoint Race against the Inquest to collect crystal shards for the Zephyrites.
Flatland Wastes Ley Line Hub Vista Raptor Prowl Restoration Refuge Waypoint Stop the skritt from stealing Zephyrite crystals and returning them to their queen.
Town of Prosperity Hruugar Ironhaunch Vista Crash Site #2 Vine Bridge Waypoint Clear out the Mordrem infesting the ley line hub.
Salamander’s Rise Cliff Peak Vista Cavern of the Shining Lights Repair Station Waypoint Cull the encroaching dust mites threatening the Zephyrites.
Sparring Rock   Vista Inquest Base    
Spurbend Canyon        
Prosperity Mine        
Restoration Refuge        
Raptor Prowl        
Azarr’s Arbor        
Crash Site #2        
Cragrock Palace        
Ley Line Hub        
Omadd’s Machine        
Abandoned Mine        
Lair of the Beast        
Repair Station        
Inquest Base        
Crash Site 3        
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location of a brawl Event – Boss enemy Event – Destination or point of interest Event – NPC that collects event item
Protect Serene as she recovers crystals lost in the crash. Stop the skritt burglar before it escapes with the treasure. [Group Event] Defeat the dust mite twister! Protect the Maguuma Shaman as she casts a spell to cleanse the oasis. Gather insect parts from nearby beetles.
Escort Haze to safety. Challenge and spar with Nochtli. [Group Event] Slay the colocal queen.    
[Group Event] Rescue Injured Zephyrites from the Inquest inside the mine and escort them outside. [Group Event] Defeat Three-Toed Tootsie. Clear Prosperity of jungle tendrils and Mordrem.    
Rescue the captive Zephyrites. [Group Event] Defeat Queen Chrii’kkt IV and her royal subjects. [Group Event] Shut down the Inquest experimentation into Aspect crystals    
Prevent skritt from stealing supplies.   [Group Event] Defeat the legendary giant before the sandstorm dissipates.    
Escort Rustbucket to the repair station.   Stop the chickens trapped in the dust mite twister.    
    [Group Event] Defeat the champion devourer queen.    
    [Group Event] Defeat the champion N4-S4 before the Inquest can lock down their base.    
    [Group Event] Defeat the Inquest’s experimental Aspect suit.    

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