Shaman’s Rookery Jumping Puzzle

Shaman's Rookery Jumping Puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Shaman’s Rookery
  • Location: Western Wayfarer Foothills , north of the Osenfold Shear
  • Location map: Wayfarer Foothills / Shiverpeak Mountains
  • Recommended level: 10-12
  • Achievement type: Explorer
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Mobs
  • Duration: 10-20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Prize (except fun): Achievemnt / Chest


General Information

This is a relatively easy puzzle that does not involve as much jumping as much as it involves avoiding different mobs and fighting some of them. It is easier for those that are ab it higher level than level 10, otherwise try and bring a friend. The trick is to first avoid the crows that will knock you down off of the platforms. If you look carefully the crows have these red circles beneath them and you want to stay out of those while the crows are on the platforms or starting to fly away. Once they are in the air you can run through and keep doing this until you pass that section. If they knock you down you will have to climb back up fighting mobs bellow.
The second section has some mobs on the platforms that will aggro once you approach them and the final obstacle are two level 10 Leopard Shamans that have high DPS, but can luckily be pulled separately.