Shorebluff Camp

Event/POI Name:Shorebluff Camp
Event/POI Type:Point of Interest
Event/POI Zone:Harathi Hinterlands
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Region: Kryta | Level: 35-45 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Shorebluff CampDolyak’s RestVistaHelp Broil Cane disrupt centaurs.Shieldbluff Waypoint
KoofoolooCraig SensaiVistaTrain with the Company.Grey Gritta’s Waypoint
Watchlin ArmoryHidden FallsVistaCause chaos among the centaurs .Barricade Camp Waypoint
Overwatch CampHarathi Forward PostVistaHelp the Seraph at Nightguard Beach .Recovery Camp Waypoint
Confinement CampConspicuous Feather PileVistaHelp Ket investigate the Ruins of Demetra .Faun’s Waypoint
Mountainroot LairAncient War StonesVistaHelp the Seraph disrupt bandit activity .Nightguard Waypoint
Martyr’s Tomb VistaProtect Seraph’s LandingDemetra Waypoint
Forward Camp VistaAssist the skritt in Arcallion Digs .Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
Restricted Zone XRB  Atack the centaurs .Trebusha’s Overlook Waypoint
Drakken’s Den  Help Forward Scout Greta cause chaos in the Modniir homeland .Seraph’s Landing Waypoint
Southforge Camp  Help Forward Scout Luke disrupt centaur logistics .Arca Waypoint
Northpasture Camp   Arcallion Waypoint
Kingsgate Camp   Bridgewatch Camp Waypoint
War King’s Greatcamp   Junction Camp Waypoint
Blackhold Mine Camp   Cloven Hoof Waypoint
Event – Location/NPC to protect or captureEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Location of a fightEvent – Boss enemyEvent – NPC that collects event item
Capture Shorebluff CampHelp Hrok Sverresson plant explosives in Barricade Camp.Intercept the prisoner caravan.[Group Event] Kill Gargantula , the spider broodmother .Bring air elemental essences to Mad Scientist Tork.
[Group Event] Stop the centaurs from retaking their camps .Accompany Muldoon on a walkabout around the Nightguard Beach.Free the soldiers trapped by spiders.[Group Event] Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions . 
 Defend the skritt thieves while they steal harpy eggs.Fight off intruding pests so the assistant can stabilize the machine.  
 [Group Event] Assault Kingsgate and drive the centaurs back before they can rally their forces .   
 [Group Event] Keep the Modniir invaders from retaking Kingsgate .   
Event – Object to be destroyed/operatedGuild BountyGuild Trek  
Take out the Harathi leader and their catapults .BrekkabekBandit’s Cabbage Patch  
  Elise’s Surprise  
  Fawcett’s Porch