Region: Shiverpeak Mountains | Level: 30-40 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Glorious Dredge Excavation #74 Dwarven Relic Vista Help Hune menage the lodge . Thunderhorns Waypoint
Korakatt’s Hall Skillet Vista Make sure the mining camp maintains productivity . Icedevil’s Waypoint
Leopardshadow Shrine Heart of the Priory Vista Help Aurelio keep roads to the Priory safe from grawl . Nentor Waypoint
Skritt Hill Mysterious Meat Vista Help the Priory stop the dredge encroachment . Mistriven Waypoint
Nentor’s Consolidated Mine Steam Portal Vista Help Agent Kaukiri trick the dredge into fighting steam creatures . Refuge Peak Waypoint
Ravenbeak Shrine Grenthis Door Vista – Marionette’s Landing Help Herder Lyot maintain her dolyak ranch . Durmand Priory Waypoint
Belldron’s Guardholme Peg Leg Vista Help Researcher Suki examine imps near Rocklair . Lamentation Waypoint
The Riven Path Frozen Portal Vista Help Arcanist Kruppa with destroyers near Pinion Pass . Afgar’s Waypoint
Lost Owl Shrine Lionguard Mette Vista Help Explorer Leandra find relics in Molitage Digs . Stonescatter Waypoint
Ironhammer’s Crypt   Vista Help Queldip pillage pirates . Winterthaw Waypoint
The Dracon Steles     Help Hunter Neida near Vanjir’s Stead . Cascade Bridge Waypoint
Windy Cave     Help Researcher Bramm with his research equipment . False Lake Waypoint
Posternus Caverns     Help Duidda hassle pirates . Vanjir’s Stead Waypoint
Ogden’s Quarters     Help Kelgg with the mine’s troubles . Demon’s Maw Waypoint
Priory Bridge     Investigate and containt the expanding steam creature forces . Guutra’s Homestead Waypoint
Priory Archives       Pinnacle Enclave Waypoint
Keddle Morraine       False River Waypoint
Wonderous Drill Installation #73        
Steam Mechagate        
Molevon Portage        
Icebound Plunge        
Afgar’s Steading        
Marionette’s Landing        
Grenth’s Door        
Lyot’s Herd        
Bearstone Shrine        
Olia’s Clearing        
Skylady’s Memory        
Pinion Pass        
The Molitage Digs        
Cascade Bridge        
Mette’s Posting        
Jetsam Isle        
Grogshadow Kenning        
Wolfpaw Shrine        
Ettinworks Lab        
Twoheaded Meadows        
Black Barl’s Mill        
Greybeard’s Landing        
Dwarve’s Gloaming        
Guutra’s Secret        
Marionette’s Landing        
Event – Location of a fight Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy Event – Object to be destroyed/operated Event – NPC that collects event item
Drive off the dredge from Korakatt’s Hall . Rescue Slagvi from the grawl before they summon their god . Defeat the grawl shaman before he can reach Slagvi . Destroy the steam creature’s portals . Give Orson components for his ettin-proof suit .
Help defend the mining camp from skritt . Defend Lorela from dredge while she gathers griffon eggs . Defend Lyot’s ranch from the giant ice wurm.   Collect dwarven artifacts from False Lake for Inkeeper Klement .
Clear the dredge out of the dig site . Join Armas in hunting the jotun chieftain . Free Venpa and help her reach safety .    
  Defend Klement and Fabri from pirate thieves .      
  Escort the asuran researchers to Vanjir’s Stead .      
Guild Bounty Guild Trek      
Bookworm Bwikki Cave Spider Nidus      

4 thoughts on “Skillet

  1. I’m sorry, but this “guide” is completely useless- it shows 4 screenies of somebody looking at and then fighting the SP boss, without a CLUE how to get there in the labyrinth that is the mine. How to get there is, of course, the ONLY info we come to this guide to find. Even the mini-map inserts in all 4 screenies are completely unrevealing and useless.

    May I respectfully request that SOMEone, SOMEwhere, actually LOOK AT these so-called ‘guides’ before publishing them on the web? Without exception, the ONLY info we need for Hearts, POIs, Skill Points and Vistas is: (1) WHERE is the starting point to get there; and (2) HOW do we proceed from that point to the objective if the way is not obvious?

    Any ‘guide’ that does not in some way depict that information should not be published.

    • OK, here’s how I got there after NO HELP AT ALL from this website. NOTE: There are two paths leading to the SP. I chose this path due to the minimal number of mobs in the way. The other path is twice as long or more, and has MANY more mobs.
      1. Mine entrance is just NE of the Vista near Nentor Valley, just north of the NW/SE road.
      2. Go NNE to the Renown Heart just inside the mine entrance.
      3. Head WNW toward “Icedevils’ Needle” along an elevated ledge toward the right of the passage.
      4. When that ledge veers right toward many mobs, turn left (SW) up a short wooden ramp across the narrow gorge.
      5. Turn right (N) up the narrow rocky ledge.
      5. Hug the left wall and continue NNW along the ledge, hopping down a short drop to bypass the platform with mobs on your right.
      6. Turn right and go E down a longish ramp.
      7. Follow the passage a bit, clearing the occasional mob then turn left to face the Skill Point boss.