Southsun Cove Jumping Puzzle and Map

southsun cove load screen

New level 80 area called Southsun Cove has been released onto Guild Wars 2 players and we are enjoying in the exploration of the new content. Along the way we are doing what we’re best known for and that is filling in the map of Southsun Cove with POIs, Waypoints, Events and all that other good stuff we are used to doing with Guild Wars 2 lands. You can find the Southsun Cove map here, but keep in mind that this is work in progress and that more things will be added to the map as we find them and upload them.
You should also know that there are two new jumping puzzles in Southsun Cove and we have already produced a screenshots guide to one of them – Skipping Stones Jumping Puzzle. We’re doing the second one as we’ll update this post as we publish it on the site.