Swashbuckler’s Cove Jumping puzzle

Gw2 Swashbucklers Cove puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Swashbuckler’s Cove
  • Location: South part of Lake Bounty, Gendarran Fields
  • Location map: Gendarran Fields
  • Recommended level : 30+
  • Achievement type: Jumping Puzzles
  • Puzzle Type: Swimming,Jumping
  • Duration: 5+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Meddium
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

This is quite easy puzzle, where you can expect more swimming parts through the caves than performing tricky jumps.


Guide through the puzzle

Once you enter the cave, follow the path until you reach “Greed is dangerous” sign. You will come across a few scales on your way, which you can easily avoid. Dive into the water behind the sign.
Note: Don’t bother to jump onto rocks to reach a chest in this room, because it is a booby trap.

Once in the water, avoid the drake heads traps simply by using dodge or by swimming trough at the right time, and swim down until you find an opening to the next part of the cave. Swim through, then swim up to the surface. When you emerge from the water avoid the drake heads traps like we described in the previous step.

After passing the first room with ghosts, you’ll enter a huge area with 4 unlit ancient torches. You need to lit all four torches to spawn Veteran ghost. Defeating him will open an underwater passage.
Note: After a short time, two or three minutes, torch flame will extinguish, thus, make a good plan in which order you will lit the torches.

Next step is quite easy. Just avoid falling rocks while climbing up.

Once you exit the cave, take Phil Thackeray’s Magical Moa Feed. Use Speed Burst ability to jump over a gap, toward the chest. After the jump, use drop bundle option (default key should be [‘]) and place moa seed as far as possible from the chest. Moa will run for the food, and that will give you additional time to open the chest.