Herb Sprouts Map Location

Name: Herb Sprouts Location: Lornar’s Pass (25-40) Gathering type: Herb Items gathered: Head of Garlic, Oregano Leaf, Sage Leaf, Black Peppercorn, Bay Leaf Rarity: Normal Requires: Iron Harvesting Sickle Back to list of all crafting materials »       … Continue reading

Mature Herbs Map Locations

Name: Mature Herbs Location: Blazeridge Steppes (40-50), Dredgehaunt Cliffs (40-50), Bloodtide Coast (45-55), Iron Marches (50-60), Timberline Falls (50-60), Mount Maelstrom (60-70) Gathering type: Herb Items gathered: Mint Leaves, Bay Leaves, Black Peppercorn, Chili Pepper, Dill Sprig, Coriander Seed, Sesame … Continue reading

Young Herbs Map Location

Name: Young Herbs Location: Lornar’s Pass (25-40), Fields of Ruin (30-40), Harathi Hinterlands (35-45), Dredgehaunt Cliffs (40-50), Blazeridge Steppes (40-50) Gathering type: Herb Items gathered: Parsley Leaf, Dandelion Blossom, Bay Leaf, Black Peppercorn, Head of Garlic, Sage Leaf, Dill Sprig … Continue reading

Herb Patch Map Location

Name: Herb Patch Location: Kessex Hills (15-25), Brisban Wildlands (15-25), Straits of Devastation (70-75) Gathering type: Herb Items gathered: Oregano Leaves, Heads of Garlic, Parsley Leaves, Thyme Leaf, Black Peppercorn Rarity: Common Requires: Copper Harvesting Sickle or greater Back to … Continue reading