Herb Patch Map Location

herb_patchName: Herb Patch
Location: Kessex Hills (15-25), Brisban Wildlands (15-25), Straits of Devastation (70-75)
Gathering type: Herb
Items gathered: Oregano Leaves, Heads of Garlic, Parsley Leaves, Thyme Leaf, Black Peppercorn
Rarity: Common
Requires: Copper Harvesting Sickle or greater
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3 thoughts on “Herb Patch Map Location

  1. your entry for herb sprouts in Gendarran Fields has three locations but no Gendarran Fields. is it possible for you to include it? Thanks :o}

    • Also, the circles for your Straights of Devastation map should extend further. The bottom most one should stretch as far as next to the middle of the Pact HQ.

      The top one should go all the way from left to right and extend down closer to the top of the HQ.

      Cluster of herbs spawn everywhere around there.

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