New GW2 Mini Pets Super Raccoon, Super Yeti, and Super Banana

The latest GW2 Game update Back to School introduces new Mini Pets Super Raccoon, Super Yeti, and Super Banana. Combine them with a continue coin in the Mystic Forge to receive the special Mini Super Assassin. Continue reading

GW2 Baby Minis Return

Mini Hippo Calf, Mini Moa Chick, and Mini Lion Cub are available for a limited time from Friday May 24 through Sunday May 26. The price for each mini-pet is 400 Gems Continue reading

GW2 Lost Orrian Jewelry Box

A new Lost Orrian Jewelry Box has been added to karma vendors across Orr. The box is sold for for 4550 karma. Continue reading

GW2 Wintersday Minipets

New event offers four new Wintersday minipets. Three new festive miniatures: a snowman, a festive golem, and the Toymaker’s Infinirarium are available through Rare mystery Wintersday boxes. Wintersday boxes have a chance to drop throughout the world. They are also … Continue reading

Halloween Mini-Pets

Another great gift for Halloween – Mini Pets! They can be obtain from the Guild Wars 2 Black Lions Exchange. If you combine 3 Halloween Mini-pets with 250 Candy Corns in Mystic Forge you can get another one! We would … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Mini Pets

Guild Wars 2 Mini Pets guide with screenshots Continue reading