GW2 Lost Orrian Jewelry Box

A new Lost Orrian Jewelry Box has been added to karma vendors across Orr (Straits of Devastation, Malchor’s Leap, Cursed Shores) with the latest update Flame and Frost: Prelude. The box is sold for for 4550 karma. The possible items that you can get from the box are:

  • Risen Priest of Balthazar mini pet (account bound)
  • Swigs of Liquid Karma
  • Drops of Liquid Karma
  • Tastes of Liquid Karma
  • Vials of Liquid Karma
  • Obsidian Shards
  • Onyx lodestones
  • Crystal lodestone
  • Glacial lodestone
  • Molten lodestone
  • Charged lodestone
  • Unidentifiable Objects

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