Blue Moa Ranger Pet

Blue Moa attributes (lvl 80) Appearance   Power 1,524 Precision 1,524 Toughness 1,524 Vitality 2,898 KEY FACTS Type Terrestrial pet Family Moa Location Bloodtide Coast (45-55 lvl) Blue Moa is one of the pets a sylvari can select at character … Continue reading

Fern Hound Ranger Pet

Fern Hound Location. Guild Wars 2 Ranger Pet Continue reading

Play Asura and Sylvari in the third GW2 Beta Weekend

ArenaNet announced on the official blog that Guild Wars 2 fans will be able for the first time to play Asura and Sylvari races:   For our final Beta Weekend Event (July 20-22), we’re making the asura and sylvari races … Continue reading

Sylvari zones Screenshots

To give players a taste of the Sylvari zones, Ganktasti @reddit posted four leaked screenshots of the beautiful landscapes of the Sylvari region. Enjoy!