New GW2 items in Southsun Cove

The Last Stand at Southsun game update is slated for release in just over few days from now and will be available until June 11th. The Secret of Southsun offers a great opportunity to obtain some rare drops throughout Southsun … Continue reading

GW2 introduces Consortium

Narrative Designer Scott McGough, introduced a new faction Consortium in the latest Guild Wars 2 video Meet the Consortium. Continue reading

GW2 Southsun Cove Sample Collection Locations

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GW2 Patch Notes May 14th

The latest Guild Wars 2 Patch notes bring out information about new features from game update The Secret of Southsun:   The Secret of Southsun The refugees from Flame & Frost who were resettled at Southsun Cove are up in … Continue reading

GW2 May Update – The Secret of Southsun

The Secret of Southsun GW2 game update is slated for release in just over one week from now – May 14, 2013. Continue reading