GW2 Southsun Cove Sample Collection Locations

GW2 Southsun Cove Sample Collection Locations are part of Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement. For this achievement is required to find eleven herb samples around Southsun Cove for Researcher Levvi. First you need to obtain sample detector device from Researcher Levvi. Sample detector gives you two unique abilities. The first one can scan area for the samples and it has 1200 range. The second ability can collect revealed samples. If you drop your device do not worry, it is in your inventory, you can use it again when you are near to another sample, otherwise stick with your weapons.
Southsun Cove Sample Collection

Researcher Levvi Location

1.Southsun Camp Sample Collection

This sample is easy to obtain, you can find it, resting on ground just behind the Researcher Levvi camp site.

2.Southsun River Sample Collection

Southsun River Sample is in river east of the Researcher Levvi camp site.

3.Southsun Elevation Sample Collection

This sample is located in the Bakestone Cavern at the highest level.

4.Southsun Lava Sample Collection

In the same cavern there is another Sample Collection, this time it is on ground level.

5.Southsun Pool Sample Collection

This sample is located in a small pool South of Camp Karka Waypoint.

6.Southsun Vent Sample Collection

Southsun Vent Sample can be found in the cave at the North part of Southsun Cove at the same place where Skipping Stones jumping puzzle begins. This sample is hard to notice because it is covered with red steam.

7.Southsun Islet Sample Collection

This one is the hardest to obtain because it is at the end of Skipping Stones jumping puzzle. It is located on small island “Southsun Strait” , you get there walking over a shipwreck at the end of the Jumping puzzle.

8.Southsun Shipwreck Sample Collection

Southsun Shipwreck Sample is located in the shipwreck south of Pride Point Waypoint.

9.Southsun Sandpit Sample Collection

Southsun Sandpit Sample can be found at same place where is Onyx Field POI. You need to avoid Burrowed Wurms in area to reach to it.

10.Southsun Cave Sample Collection

Southsun Cave Sample is located in the cave North from Crab Toss arena ring.

11.Southsun Geyser Sample Collection

Southsun Geyser Sample can be found at the top of a geyser East from Ember Passage POI.

Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork

After collecting ten Sample Collections you will receive beautiful Fervid Censer exotic back item and complete Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement.