The Busted Flagon

Event/POI Name: The Busted Flagon
Event/POI Type: Point of Interest
Event/POI Zone: Divinity’s Reach
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map of Divinity's Reach

Region: Kryta |

Point of Interest Vista Waypoint Guild Trek  
The Busted Flagon Vista Commons Waypoint East Lurk Alley  
Haidryn’s Menagerie Vista Melandru Waypoint Grenths Pavillion  
Shrine of the Six Vista Collapse Waypoint Minas Target Shoot  
Seraph Headquarters Vista Balthazar Waypoint Ruriks View  
Queen’s Throne Room Vista Palace Waypoint    
Central Plaza Vista Ministers Waypoint    
Chamber of Ministers   Kormir Waypoint    
Uzolan’s Mechanical Orchestra   Lyssa Waypoint    
Durmand Hall   Rurikton Waypoint    
Queen’s Heart Orphanage   Grenth Waypoint    
Cottage Bend   Ossan Waypoint    
Rook’s Row   Dwayna Waypoint    
Vanguard Hospital   Salma Waypoint    
Manor Hill        
Maiden’s Whisper        
Minister Wi’s Mansion        
Skull Plaza        
Minister Zamon’s Mansion        
Vigil Hall        
Mina’s Target Shooting        
The Dead End        

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