Vexa’s Lab Mini Dungeon

Key Facts:
  • Name: Vexa’s Lab
  • Location East part of Fireheart Rise, North from Cozen Desolation
  • Location map: Fireheart Rise
  • Recommended level : 70 +
  • Achievement type: Exploration achievement
  • Type: Jumping / Figthing
  • Duration: 25+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Medium
  • Prize: Achievement / Magnificent Chest

General Information

Vexa’s Lab is new Shadow of the Mad King’s Mini Dungeon with Jumping parts. The things that make this dungeon unique are events where you need to defeat certain type of mobs, find proper portal, and etc.


Guide through the dungeon – Part 1

During the first part you have to defeat the Vexa’s test subjects. After defeating the last mob, Veteran Risen Abomination, the door to the second part of the puzzle will shatter.

Guide through the dungeon – Part 2

During the second part you have to find the correct path through three portals that leads you to the top.

Guide through the dungeon – Part 3

In the third part you have to find a correct path through hexagons platforms. There are Golem Assistants immune to damage, and if they get really close to you, they will knock you down from the platform. Another thing that makes it even harder is the fact that the middle parts of hexagon platforms disappear from time to time, so try to walk only on the edges.

Guide through the dungeon – Part 4

During the last part of the puzzle you need to defeat Vexa and her golem. This fight is taking place on a paltform similar to the platforms in the third part. Golem’s abilities are whirlwind, ranged pullbacks, crashing platforms, jump knockbacks. Even though the Kill Bott 900 golem is powerful with high damage attacks he cannot regenerate his health. Be sure to learn his abilities and avoid them properly.
Vexa however doesn’t move from the central platform. The Lab Turrets in the room make this fight much harder. They respawn very fast, and there are also a lot of Golem Assistants. Don’t forget to stay on the edges of the hexagons.

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  1. There is also a secret hidden entrance southwest of Buloh Crossing along the cliff face that lets you skip the first part.

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