Event/POI Name:Vista
Event/POI Type:Vista
Event/POI Zone:Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Notes:Hardest part of this vista road, is the Door u need to pass, sometimes they are closed, and you need to wait for it to open up, seems like it is in connection with 2 veteran bosses around, one of them is on the same level as the door is, and the 2nd is the one from the near event Protect Explorer Harlow while he looks for the Dragon’s Eye. After we killed one of them, the door opened, and we could continue to vista.

Additional info (thanks Chitiwork): The door is opened by pulling a ring on a chain at the top of the wooden path that has the door on it. The chain is right next to a veteran dredge mob (Veteran Dredge Occilator if I remember correctly).

Image Walkthrough:
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map of Dredgehaunt Cliffs

Jumping Puzzles
Tribulation Caverns
Region: Shiverpeak Mountains | Level: 40-50 |

Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Bear’s Jaws ShrineShiniest Skritt TreasureVistaProtect the Snow Leopard shrine from the Svanir .Toran Hollow Waypoint
Leopard’s Snarl ShrineJotun Holy SiteVistaDefend Travelen’s Steading against Svanir attacks .Wyrmblood Waypoint
FalooalooPreserved FootprintVistaHelp Antal the Patient impress the skritt in Kolkorensburg .Travelen’s Waypoint
Travelen’s SteadingDwarven Relic VistaHelp the grawl stave off Svanir attacks.Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint
Ghost StonesForeman’s GearVistaAssist the skritt of Ratatosk .Havfrue Basin Waypoint
BergtroldeKakkilakVistaHelp Arcanist Vance study dwarven relics at Granite Citadel .Graupel Waypoint
Skovtrolde Hearthstead VistaHelp Magister Roslin infiltrate Black Earth Mine .Mountain’s Tail Waypoint
Brandalf’s Steading VistaHelp the Priory thwart dredge excavation in Dostoev Sky Peak .Nottowr Fault Waypoint
Wolf’s Lair Shrine  Help Explorer Brokkar sabotage dredge munitions .Kenning Testing Ground Waypoint
Talecrafting Steading  Help Magister Kathryn wound dredge forces .Wide Expanse Waypoint
The Speaking Place  Assist Daphne in halting the encroaching corruption .Seven Pines Waypoint
Landslide Lee   Granite Citadel Waypoint
Theign Kenning   Dociu Waypoint
Raven’s Wing Shrine   Grey Road Waypoint
Fridgardr Lodge   Frostland Waypoint
Firebase Molek   Tribulation Waypoint
Tomb of Stoneskin   Sorrow’s Embrace Waypoint
Vpered Drill   Steelbrachen Waypoint
Mantelet Refuge    
Tomb of Blackpowder    
Leaning Grade    
Shelter Pointe    
Esjudare Scratch    
Tomb of Morlog    
Event – Boss enemyEvent – Object to be destroyed/operatedEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Location/NPC to protect or captureEvent – Location of a fight
Kill the ancient barracuda aggravating the fish of Wyrmblood Lake .Protect Scholar Dane while she closes the portal .Help Edmund find and kill the arctodus .Defend the Granite Citadel from the dredge .Regain control of Firebase Molek.
[Group Event] Kill the Jotun abomination destroying the Priory camp .Stop the jotun from stealing back their ancient weapons .Help Engineer Radley return to the Granite Citadel . Break the dredge siege of Mantelet Refuge .
Kill the dredge sniper terrorizing the locals . Halt dredge expansion by defending Fridgardr Lodge .  
Kill the imp lord to stop him from summoning more imps . Protect Explorer Harlow while he finds the Dragon’s Eye .  
[Group Event] Defeat the dredge commissar . Protect the Durmand Priory scholars as they complete their ritual .  
Event – NPC that collects event itemGuild Trek   
Gather blueprints from dredge engineers or document barrels and return them to Oliver .Foremans Recess   

7 thoughts on “Vista

  1. The door is opened by pulling a ring on a chain at the top of the wooden path that has the door on it. The chain is right next to a veteran dredge mob (Veteran Dredge Occilator if I remember correctly).

  2. A video link for this one would be a bit more helpful as the images barely get you setup to know where the heck your going

  3. There is a way to get around the door without pulling the chain. Start up the ramp you indicate in your map shot (took a while to find). If the gate is closed, simply go up one more flight and simply jump down over the gate (have to jump at an angle since a fence prohibits you from jumping straight down). This makes it faster in that you don’t have to defeat the mob, though there are still tons of enemies to fight through. Good luck! and I agree this was a pain of a vista point.

  4. As another commenter has observed, the hardest part about this Vista is finding the first tower/ramp to start upwards toward the actual Vista. So here’s how to easily find it despite the ambiguity of the screenies here:

    1. Start at Grey Road Waypoint, which is to the south of Dostoev Sky Peak. I chose this entrance because it seems the shortest way to the heart.
    2. Go N and NW into the cave and turn right at the T-intersection, heading NE.
    3. Turn left when you can, heading NW and then W directly to the Renown Heart.
    4. From the Heart, go SW into the huge main chamber.
    5. Keep left as you enter this huge chamber, and curve around the rock face to your left and up a small incline.
    6. Proceed into the small torch-lit cave-passage at the top of the short incline, heading SE.
    7. Follow this passage as it loops around, and turn right at the end to find the bottom of the first wooden ramp you need to climb.
    8. Fight your way to the top of this tower and note the closed gate you pass on your right near the top of this tower. That’s the one you will open in step 10. If it’s already open (because someone else opened it) by all means turn right and go through it, skipping steps 9-11.
    9. At the top, go the only way you can go, toward the Veteran Dredge Oscillator.
    10. Kill the Vet (or stealth if you’re a Thief) and pull the chains on the rock wall behind him to open the gate to the next tower/ramp.
    11. Hurry back down a level to the now-opened gate you passed on the way up- it will close about 30 seconds after you pulled the chain.
    12. Go through the gate leading across to another tower and set of ramps. The way from here to the Vista is linear and obvious, with several annoying Dredge mobs and at least one Vet and a turret at the Vista.

    Hope all that made the screenies a little more understandable.

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